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  1. rahtgaz

    Official Compt-N demo out of sync?

    Excellent information, Grazza. Very informative. Thank you both.
  2. rahtgaz

    Official Compt-N demo out of sync?

    Thank you. Playing with the PWAD instead of the source port fix, fixed the demo. EDIT: Correction: The source port has nothing to do with it. It's my specific IWAD version that has this bug fixed.
  3. Hello all. I can't seem to be able to run the "UV Max" for the MAP31: Pharao, available at the doomwiki, without it getting out of sync a few seconds after it starts. I've tried it on both chocolate-doom and crispy-doom. Can someone please confirm this? I don't have the vanilla executable, so I can test it on MS-DOS. Only source ports.
  4. rahtgaz

    Guidelines on jumping and freelook

    Note that horizontal look has been intentionally used on the design of quite a few maps on Doom I and II, where enemies can more easily hide from the player down on pits or elevated areas and avoid being turkey shot until they can attack the player. It is true that the engine limitations mean the player can still shoot them blind. But if these monsters happen to also be moving around, that is not a good strategy due to the high consumption of ammunition. Particularly on the higher difficulty levels we all like to play. Both source ports mentioned on Freedoom official website support jump and freelook and I couldn't find an official unambiguous statement anywhere that Freedoom was meant to be 100% vanilla compatible. Note also that to add to the confusion, the video chosen to demonstrate Freedoom under the "Compatible free replacement" heading on the About page, shows the player jumping on a few occasions. However when actually playing the game, I noticed right on the first map how access to the top of a few crates was designed as to not require jumping. So, I am not sure if I can trust the rest of the game to be designed around the same rules.
  5. With source ports ability to implement jumping and freelook on games that weren't designed to have these features, I'd like to know if Freedoom has any guidelines for Phase 1 and 2 concerning these two features. More importantly if the maps on both freedom1 and freedoom2 WADS were all designed in conformance with these guidelines. I'm a new player to Freedoom, having only started it today. I have been however trying to find this information on the official website, on the github project page and here on the forums, but can't seem to find an unambiguous statement on this matter. I'd like to configure my copies of crispy-doom and gzdoom to conform to the way the game is intended to be played.