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  1. DoomRater

    The /newstuff Chronicles #330

    One of my mods currently has three machineguns. I've been thinking long and hard as to what roles these weapons are supposed to have and I think I can do it. The small machinegun you start with is nice but wimpy, the machineguns you pick up overshadow it at close range with their dual fire mode, and the third machinegun is purely a support/camper role (because although it offers cover when deployed, you can't move while it is mounted). There's only one shotgun, and the rocket launcher is more or less a BFG in role. That covers all the basic weaponry, I think.
  2. DoomRater

    The Great Outdoors - 32in24 Labor Day Project

    Thank God something like this is coming out. My "The Field" map looked like ass and I've always wanted something open with the occasional building to snipe from.
  3. DoomRater

    Auto-apply offset changes

    I like being able to change the x-y offsets in XWE, but sometimes it's more of a pain than it should be, since there's no auto-apply option. I often change this value en masse so it would be nice to have it around, despite its dangers.
  4. DoomRater

    The /newstuff Chronicles #279

    Bugs in Do It Again: It doesn't account for autoswitch being turned off. Not many people do this so it's understandable why it got through, but the fact that I couldn't select it as a weapon afterwards made it worth mentioning. "Use knife" worked great though.
  5. DoomRater

    The /newstuff Chronicles #275

    Works on my end.
  6. DoomRater

    XWE bugs/feature requests

    Lookin awesome. I'd also like an option to bypass the "Do you want to save these changes" question on various edits (such as a text edit or x/y change, but seperate options for each type) EDIT! Hey, one more to that right click menu- the option to save that lump entry. That'd make all my WAD editing a total snap!
  7. DoomRater

    XWE bugs/feature requests

    Is it possible to right click lumps and select replace from that menu? That would reduce confusion and the possibility of overwriting a file I didn't want to change.
  8. DoomRater


    FIghting games. Those are the kind Ive always wated to see. And once I've seen some code to figure out how people are doing these, I'm movng on to try remaking some fighting game code I did in QBasic. By the way, Doom Racer looked messy but it worked. MAybe revision 64 will have some new texture movements that will allow a little better setting of textures (more like real sprites)? Well, either that or someone's already done it with other methods...
  9. DoomRater

    Win98 Users SOL

    Great, thanks to my stupidity and idiocy we've got people flaming each other in here. (slaps forehead, ever regretting getting cocky in here) Yup, I do talk about Home and Pro like two differnt codebases. Because I've not only heard from experienced people telling me nothing but bad things about Home (all of these people have been certified within the past year, or have been working on a degree in computer science, so their knowledge is current), but I've seen Home not be able to handle games as well as Pro can. So, if I'm wrong I'm wrong, but personally, I like having extra RAM lying around to use and a memory manager takes care of the memory issues of 98 (I use RAMpage myself on my laptop), so I use either 98 or 2000 depending on the situation. What was said about Certs is true, and on top of it the A+ is for life, which means if you took it 9 years ago you had 95 as your highest OS knowledgebase. o_O That just says if you don't stay current on the tech you can't stay in the business. I think I'll end this by apologizing to boris for freakin out over all this... I knew I was pissed by the mere mentioning of Home and should never have spoke up, because all I did was get cocky about how I'm certified and all that shit. Yeesh, even I should know that doesn't mean squat! EXP is what counts.
  10. DoomRater

    Win98 Users SOL

    Oh well, I've only seen the results with one computer and heard about it all overthe place with techs... maybe they're wrong, I've avoided the OS as much as I can. So actually, you guys are right, I DON"T know. (edit) In any case, I'm often more concerned how fast the OS boots. And in that case, I'd choose 98SE over the others since I can tell that OS not to backup my registry every time it loads... and actually use the registry backup instead of having to assume it's corrupted like the one in the system... and it's not a RAM hog... so what if a DOS lockup freezes the whole computer, it's not like I have tons of DOS progarms that crash... Meh. I'm done ranting about 98 and bashing Home. I'm running 2000 at my house anyway! (so ends edit)
  11. DoomRater

    Win98 Users SOL

    Don't ask me, ask Microsoft. I jsut know Home's not worth the money. o_O
  12. DoomRater

    Win98 Users SOL

    By the way, did I meniton I'm A+ certified? I dunno if you are, but I went to school for this stuff. XP's looked down upon unless you have a crapload of RAM. That's how it is with the techs.
  13. DoomRater

    Win98 Users SOL

    People don't know/don't want to migrate to a new OS. Y'know, losing most of their custom settings every time they switch? It can be a pain sometimes. Then again, I know someone who switches OS'es every month or so just because he likes installing operating systems. o_O
  14. DoomRater

    Win98 Users SOL

    Um, random system lockups? How about no control over how users are set up (either admin or regular user)? These are pretty serious issues, hell, even A+ technians don't (or pretend to) talk about Home edition just because it's so horrible. Do yourself a favor and never mention that horrid OS again. A+ people tend to look down upon guys who use it.
  15. DoomRater

    Win98 Users SOL

    Well, I don't have the money for it, and besides, I would have to make sure I actually GET Windows XP. You know, the Professional Edition. (If there were ever rumors about XP being unstable it's Home Edition's fault! piece of junk OS, it's only slightly better than ME cuz it's more secure) Anyway, until I get more money anyway I'm not building a Doom 3 machine. I WANT WATER COOLING TOO