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  1. Hey Doomworld, I've finally got the courage to finish up a map... Which coincidentally came just about time for Doom's 30th anniversary. Oh well, better now than never. This is a really short map that I've been working for almost a year and a half... And while its not a lot, I think its good enough now. I'll try speedmapping one day, lol. Story: For Doom 2, Map format: Boom. Tested with Woof! Should be a cakewalk to most people. Screenshots: treatterror.zip
  2. Distortion Dog

    OPL Emulation may has a bug with GZDOOM

    I had to take a deep sleuth into this, but basically it's because Heretic and all other Doom games in DOS run on OPL2 mode by default, which caps voices if you are using a OPL3. Setting the DMXOPTION environment variable in DOS you can turn on OPL3 mode, and therefore have more voices. Chocolate Doom makes this more simple by making it a toggleable option in the setup program(s), and I think OPL3 is the default mode anyways. So no, GZDoom is not wrong or bugged or anything.
  3. Distortion Dog

    Miracle Soundfont (now with 55 flavors!)

    "Snowball" Is now live! I have been working on this for some time, and I believe this is the right time to present Miracle2C. Now, the original M2 now aims for a different sound, as I felt I was being closed off by the prospect of staying too faithful to the Roland sound. Miracle2C exists for the opposite reason: I wanted to take a shot at doing a SC55 soundfont, but I always felt some of the Roland instruments were kind of dull, so there are some rare deviations. Overall however, its purpose is simple: to be better than the MS GS SoftSynth :-) Miracle2 here Miracle2C here I wish everyone happy holidays, and a happy new year!
  4. Hey look, a topic I can talk about: I found this file while searching for NIN midis in 2019, and honestly I just kept it saved because of how horrid it sounds. This is legitimately the most depressing MID file I've ever heard. According to the person hosting these (@.paulogy on twitter) "Even though they're not exactly the original songs, for the file size, you can't beat it." SPIRAL.zip
  5. Distortion Dog

    Miracle Soundfont (now with 55 flavors!)

    Interesting! I'll be sure to check them out later, but largely this has been purely coincidental! Anyhow, I just made another demo, something more refreshing for this summer:
  6. Distortion Dog

    Miracle Soundfont (now with 55 flavors!)

    Miracle 2 is finally here; I've been working on this for a year now and I believe it's done enough for release. From now on all the releases will be separated by dates instead of version numbers, as for the older 1.x versions, they're now under the Old ver. spoiler. There are a lot of changes, most particularly the filesize increase due to higher sample usage, I believe I found a sweet spot as to regards of sample rate and sample count. Here's Doom's EP1, for demonstration: Download
  7. Distortion Dog

    Miracle Soundfont (now with 55 flavors!)

    Link has been updated, changelog below
  8. Distortion Dog

    Miracle Soundfont (now with 55 flavors!)

    I purged every non-55 GS Presets so I can focus on tuning the GM presets first. As for changes: There's still a lot of other stuff I need to work on (the ethnic instruments, SFX samples, sharper modular synth samples, 55-style or XGlite editions?), but I still require input from people to know if I'm doing something right.
  9. Distortion Dog

    Miracle Soundfont (now with 55 flavors!)

    Miracle2 RC1 I'll make recordings later today, but this is basically where I want to go. Test it out and let me know if there's something off.
  10. Distortion Dog

    Miracle Soundfont (now with 55 flavors!)

    Well I tried it out, it doesnt make much difference. I guess BASSMIDI has a different approach to Chorus. I'll go back to the drawing board
  11. Distortion Dog

    Miracle Soundfont (now with 55 flavors!)

    Hey, just a little quick question: does any of you turn on chorus on Fluidsynth? I bet you don't, it sounds awful. But a lot of my instruments use chorus, the synth brasses specifically, and it sounds fine in BASSMIDI.
  12. Distortion Dog

    Zandronum & Ubuntu

    I don't know why, but for some reason the native Zandronum Linux binaries runs worse than running the Windows binaries under Wine. I can generally get good performance from the Win EXE but when I run the application provided by the PPA, it performs badly, even at a low resolution. Has anyone run into this? I doubt it's my system, I can run GZDoom natively quite well.
  13. Distortion Dog

    How Do You Like Your Tacos?

    I like my tacos. Beef, chicken, shrimp, fish, you name it. Salsa, pico de gallo. Authentic? Texmex? Does it matter? Tacos are tacos, they're very good. Unless it's got raw avocado.
  14. Distortion Dog

    Miracle Soundfont (now with 55 flavors!)

    I've definitively tinkered with masquerade55 a lot, I actually tried to make something similar with jst Scc1t2.sf2 as a basis. It's a little wonky though. I like the mixing, but i feel like they're a bit too much for the soundfont. It takes about 2 MBs of space on its' own, partly because of the high samplerate, but also because they're stereo, so they have two samples per range. The long release is cool though. I'm definitively gonna check that out :D I'll edit this post with the tests later
  15. Distortion Dog

    Best DOOM Soundfont(s)?

    It wouldn't hurt if I linked the one of my own :]