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  1. Danilo Galván

    Map issue: All visited sites icons are blank (FIXED)

    @ratR Fixed, read the first message. Hope this can help you
  2. Danilo Galván

    Map issue: All visited sites icons are blank (FIXED)

    No news here! Did you get something? I try uninstall nvidia drivers with DDU and install again. I create a new game and nothing. I'll should continue to 1- try install old video drivers 2- start the automatic repair cmd shell of windows 3 - wait at new game update or if nothing work reinstall Windows or delete all savegames including the steam cloud, losing much hours of game
  3. Hi everyone! I have a big little trouble with the map icons on the singleplayer. All the places I visited on the map are white. And they never update to orange when I step through there again. I uninstalled and install the game and not resolve this. I put video config every to default, also change Vulkan to OpenGL and not go. Can think that it is problem of the update of fall creator and disable game DVR and Game Mode doesnt get anything. Maybe last game update made this problem? SS: https://imgur.com/EHwsNzm Anyone have the same problem? any help? edit: Finally i find the solution. The issue is with nvidia drivers, exactly with the 387.92 and 388.00 . I rollback to the driver 385.69. I reported this problem to nvidia and hope they fix it in the future!