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  1. ratR

    Map issue: All visited sites icons are blank (FIXED)

    Great work, Danilo! Rolled back to 385.69, and works for me, too. I decided to make the little orange Doom guy my avatar, to celebrate. Thanks, Danilo, I wouldn't have thought about the nvidia drivers - I had to rebuild my PC a couple of days ago, and downloaded all my drivers again. I didn't even notice I was using a new video driver... Good thing you found it before you got around to doing this bit: :)
  2. ratR

    Map issue: All visited sites icons are blank (FIXED)

    Yes, I see your problem, and I have the same issue. It started a few days ago, but I also had to rebuild my PC after a drive failed. @Edward850, Danilo has done all the rune trials on that map, and collected all the Elite Guard tokens, drones, argent cells, but still, everything on the map is still showing as bright white. They should have changed color after he collected them. @Danilo, please let me know if you come up with a solution...