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  1. Here is a v2 of my previous map "Canyon Base": canyonbv2.zip -Added difficulties -Removed some Archviles and added some Cyberdemons to make the level less cancerous and more fun to play -Same midi (sorry Ancalagon ;()
  2. I like this midi :( :( :(
  3. Another level by me :D canyonb.zip v2: canyonbv2.zip Canyon Base I hope someone max it for me.
  4. New TITLEPIC: -Removed zdoom and Brutal Doom effects -Correct size (320x200p) I hope there are no problems with this version
  5. Im gonna make another picture this Monday. I hope I can fix this problems. With BD, you can see the marine holding the BFG, that why I used BD, but I will change that.
  6. I like this M-DOOM :)
  7. I know this is a Boom project, but, its just a title-pic :( I don't wanted to 'copy' SF title-pic, that why I used those effects. If Benjogami don't want to use it, its fine.
  8. TITLEPIC for SlaughterMAX:
  9. Nice map :) , but you should fix this:
  10. I want to design a "Tyson-only" map for this project (something like chillax map36, with more monsters) but I dont know... :|
  11. This map has 2646 Pain Elementals???!!?! :0
  12. I will try it. Thanks for helping :)
  13. nice :). sorry for the music problem btw
  14. I think it sounds good! Thanks!!! :)
  15. Before creating the map, i wanted to use music from Jumpmaze Map03, but idk if that music fits with my map...