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  1. "so you call them Steamed Hams besides the fact they are Obviously Grilled" :)
  2. I recommend this one: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Enigma13
  3. @SuperArjunaButt mentioned it
  4. I didnt noticed that lol. Thanks! :)
  5. Thats what im doing, but when i save the convertion, some images turns to a unknown format:
  6. Thats not the kind of things i do when im bored. He just wants attention.
  7. Im trying to convert some PNG textures to Flats (im using Slade v3.1.1.5) but im having some problems. Help please.
  8. Finally! Thanks for letting me be part of this project! :) Also, i love the "going to the secret maps" texts...
  9. alt + f4
  10. A Lost Soul eating? They dont have a stomach, they are just floating skulls. Where does the food go?
  11. Its Slaughterfest 2012 Map15: Doomherolandia by General Rainbow Bacon
  12. Psychophobia, great wad.
  13. Movie Genre: Action. Favorite Food: mexican food. Favorite Genre of Music: A lot of Electronic Music genres, except EDM. Most Hated Music: Mariachis, or "Rancheras"
  14. Eyegasm