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  1. INTERPIC for SlaughterMax:
  2. The Broken Machine midi: Street Fighter II - Ken's Theme Canyon Base midi: Last Ninja 2 - Central Park Loader OST
  3. 32 qualifying maps! awesome!
  4. My favorites: The Inmost Con'dens'ed (C1024: Map15) Enough Space? (C1024 2: Map05) ??? (C1024 2: Map30) Cow Face (KSutra: Map25) Kill Bill (KSutra: Map26) 1010011010 (SOD: Map31) Mixed Nuts (SF2011: Map30) Bananabread (SF2011: Map32) Decimal Error (SF2012: Map27)
  5. Why is 42PH's map still as "Untitled"? He named it "Dang!" in his youtube video of the map :P
  6. Hey guys! I fixed some problems in my map, so i changed the link in my post. Gameplay is the same, i just fixed some textures problems.
  7. I think you mean Sunder Map11
  8. minesweeper
  9. I like pineapple pizza
  10. - Canyon Base UV-Max in 12:25 - canyonb1225.zip My first demo! (Thanks 42PercentHealth) :) I got very lucky in some moments. Good time btw.
  11. Hey, thats pretty good! :D
  12. Nice! :) I will make a map for this project!
  13. The Cathedral cathedral2.zip Boom format Textures: crusherexperiment1.9.2.wad, VHard.wad Music: Knightrider of Doom - Battle of the Gods
  14. My map for this project is almost done :D
  15. I usually make base maps, but I would like to make something different for this project... I was thinking about making a cathedral, but idk
  16. I want to build a map for this project but im not sure about my theme :|
  17. Happy 2018 guys
  18. Happy new year
  19. TNT map27 i hate it
  20. I like the creativity of TNT, but i dont like the design of some maps (Mt pain and Habitat, for example)
  21. Mancubus. They are ugly.
  22. so... I learned how to put custom music and textures in my wads... congratulations to me...
  23. Journey to Hell
  24. Feckyoo - map03 Journey to Hell