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  1. 3000thRuler

    What are your unpopular opinions on the Doom games

    TNT is the best IWAD by far to me, it's not even close.
  2. 3000thRuler

    Vanilla Doom II Map: Aero Lights

    Name: Aero Lights Map #: MAP04 Difficulty Settings: Yes Screenshots: Download: AERO.zip UPDATE (fixed a backtracking problem in the exit room): AERO2.zip Had a surge of inspiration and made a techbase map set at night. The idea started around a hangar/air base theme, hence the runway that can be seen later in the level. It's not long and shouldn't be that difficult if you're an experienced Doom player. Coincidentally, I used the track from "Hanger" in TNT Evilution, not necessarily because of its name, I just thought the track fit the level. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think of the map!
  3. 3000thRuler

    Custom Doom Map: Forsaken Core

    @Summer DeepThanks for posting a playthrough! That was more than I could ask for. The secrets definitely reward you and make things easier if you manage to find them. Also, that was a clever Cacodemon coming down into the room at 6:25, didn't know that they actually would be able to so cool to know so you don't have to fight one right in your face when you teleport back up.
  4. 3000thRuler

    Custom Doom Map: Forsaken Core

    @rdwpa Thanks for the comment, I was definitely going for a sort of abandoned and haunting atmosphere. And yeah actually, hiding those linedefs might be a good idea, I may even push them further/darken the walls to where they can't even be seen.
  5. 3000thRuler

    Custom Doom Map: Forsaken Core

    Name: Forsaken Core Occupies: MAP03 Difficulty Settings: Yes Screenshots: File: FORCORE.zip I have made a custom map for vanilla Doom II and would love thoughts/feedback on it. I was going for a dark, void-esque techbase setting. It's relatively short and occupies Map03. It's not my first map, but it's only the second that I've made public and one of not many I have made that I would consider complete. It's completely vanilla compatible as far as I know, although the room with the red key originally had visplane overflows and HOMS when playing with Chocolate Doom. I believe all bugs are fixed now, but if anyone finds more, that would good to know. Anyway enough talk, let me know what you guys think of the map and if there are any improvements I can make.
  6. Wanted to change something back, I'm sure this is my final update: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wama0p3ml9a00wp/the3000thruler_pigeon2_v5.wad
  7. Very small update, changed just a few things, mainly linedefs: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6hm54wdfpxi4txc/the3000thruler_pigeon2_v4.wad
  8. Third and (hopefully) final update: http://www.mediafire.com/file/99zrccvcduqabua/the3000thruler_pigeon2_v3.wad Made the lifts to exit the room where the blue key is move up and down instead of being regular lifts, so it's more easy to figure out how to get out of the room. I also added some enemies that teleport into the hub room once the red key is taken, so it's not as easy to escape. I wanted to keep the enemy count the same, so I removed a few enemies around the map to compromise for the additional ones that teleport. I also changed a bit of geometry in the exit room .
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I might add something so it's not so easy to escape from the blue key room.
  10. Update to my map: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2a0bo9t897vwc3d/the3000thruler_pigeon2_v2.wad Realigned some textures and aligned some that weren't. Because of the "scroll texture left" action, I made the exit sign smaller so it would look aligned. I made the platform where the blue key is a bit wider and brighter. I made the brown rock walls in the outdoor section a bit taller, and made the sectors where the monsters would rise out of shorter (you could see the sectors sticking out from certain parts in the outdoor area). Removed one cell charge pack (I thought there was too much ammo). I was also able to get rid of one texture entirely. (SHAWN3) The secret was also impossible to get out of from the inside (although I doubt most players would get trapped in it) so I added a lift action for escaping it.
  11. I know I'm late, so hopefully this will be accepted. The build time was still generally 3 hours. Hope everyone likes it! Name: Dark Stop Format: Doom 2 (vanilla) Build Time: 3 Hours Music: "Cargo Bay" from Icarus: Alien Vanguard Monster Count: 44 (46 in cooperative) Flat Count: 6 Texture Count: 15 (If I update the map, I'll try to reduce it) Themes: Every adjoining sector is a different height, and (partially) crate themed. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3tyejt6uij606dp/the3000thruler_pigeon2_v1.wad I tried to add a custom sky, but kinda forgot how to... or Slade wasn't working with me, either one.
  12. Hey, just made a Doomworld! =) I'd love to participate in this, I just don't know if I can pull out a decent map in 3 hours.