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  1. Big congratulations to the winners, Doomkid and all participants! The end result is wonderful; as said, there is not a bad map here. Good work everyone!
  2. Here comes Version COKE of Pollution Plant! https://wadhosting.com/Wad/895415A3A2FADD60AAD5499398200AE9D1F797E8 Version COKE Changelog: - The workers in the Pollution Plant no longer have to drink polluted water (added three Coke vending machines throughout the map) - Lighting pass on a few barebone areas - Texture variety in a few barebone areas The gameplay and feel of the map is the same, but there were a few areas I felt desperately needed just a little visual polish to keep them in line with the rest of the map. So yeah, just a little late polishing update!
  3. Glikkzy

    Doomguy Mugshots Thread

    The mugshot of my character that I made last year, just for funsies and personal use:
  4. Glikkzy

    What country are you from?

    Denmark born and bred, but currently living in Germany since late August 2020.
  5. Small late update to address a few things brought up in the recent playthroughs! Version 4 Changelog: - Fixed window texture alignment - Added more ammo in beginning area - Backpack ambush platforms lower faster https://wadhosting.com/Wad/BD99B619955419930B0FCA014D92136CBEE7CB3E
  6. Glikkzy

    PUSS XV: Mysterious Mayan Madness [March Speedmapping Event]

    Map Name: Huracan's Playground Author: Glikkzy Music: Metal Gear Solid 3: "The Fury" Theme - MIDI by James Flynn Sky: MISTSKY1 - Mechadon Format: UDMF Difficulty Settings: Implemented Build Time: 8 hours Traps Built: 7-8 Comments: "Shrines and temples dedicated to Huracan, the Heart of the Sky. Devious passages and courtyards nestled away in the densely vegetated mountain valley of the K'iche' people." This map sees me rebuild the working parts of three other attempts I've had at this PUSS over the last two weeks into something relatively coherent, and hopefully fun! Screenshots: Glikkzy_PUSS15_HuracansPlayground.zip
  7. Aww, it is not the latest version of my map in the WIP megawad! I know it does not matter so much at this point since the compiled wad is not final, but I will just mention it regardless. :) Apart from that, I am really enjoying the maps we have so far! Some go a bit above my skill level on several difficulties, but it is all great stuff, really.
  8. Hey all, I have been working a little more on Pollution Plant, bringing it to version 3. While my silver door entrance, E1M1 windows&courtyard reference and lift exit felt quite classic to me, I still felt like I wanted to do something a little different and extend the map slightly. I have therefore created a few city themed areas and connected the map to them! Some are accessible, others (literally) window dressing. The difficulty and playtime remains largely the same despite this. I hope you enjoy! Version 3 Changelog: Download: https://wadhosting.com/Wad/C4B75C29270AAF5B79B43574F4B0A120298B5ABD
  9. Glikkzy

    Can't use dehacked mod on Doom Retro

    I have not seen that happen for me when using these mods, and I do not know what could be the cause - cannot help you there unfortunately.
  10. Glikkzy

    Can't use dehacked mod on Doom Retro

    As a small note, Smoothed is a conversion of only the monsters part of Smooth Doom - for the weapons you'll need Black Ops. Just in case this might be a reason why you are not seeing the expected results (as the GIF on the Smoothed page shows both in action). I have tried loading up the latest DOOM Retro in the latest ZDL with both of these, and independently of each other as well, and it works without errors for me (so I cannot bring more help than offer that possibility up above).
  11. I like this! Not too challenging, but more importantly you really did a good job capturing the dark, moody, immersive city feel where danger could seemingly lurk around every corner. Good work! I stumbled across these tutti-fruttis (I think):
  12. I have made a few changes to my map for a version 2! I have also edited my original submission post to reflect this. Version 2 Changelog: Download Version 2: https://wadhosting.com/Wad/F86D8D2C7AD6F888E80B4A39BF8E6C7411204DA0
  13. Not sure why, but trying to run your map in Chocolate Doom freezes and crashes the port after a second or two without any error displayed. Runs just fine in Crispy Doom and GZDoom for me, so I am not sure if there is some vanilla limit that is it being hit here (UDB shows visplanes as within limits in the starting area, so that is probably ruled out. As a side note however, a spot in this area as shown in the picture is reaching some limits by the looks of it)
  14. Oh, I know what causes the errors. But thank you regardless for the explanation. I was specifically interested about the map itself and how to run it in Chocolate Doom, since, as far as I can read, neither Doomkid nor Origamyde have mentioned these visual errors and crashes when running the map in Chocolate Doom. Hence why I asked if there might be something I am not getting about running the map in Chocolate Doom.
  15. @Doomkid Glad to hear that the map works and that you had a good time with it! I have a small question regarding music. I have chosen this funky, bouncing video game tune for my map because that is usually my jam. But then I got thinking and curious if there is a certain musical aesthetic that the maps in the compilation should ideally adhere to, or if it is completely up to the map maker? @Origamyde I also wanted to ask here, do I need to do anything special to make your map run in Chocolate Doom/Vanilla? I have visual errors immediately upon loading the map, and it crashes not very far in because of visplanes every time I try (see gif in spoilers)