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    (For D-TOUCH) How To Update Your PrBoom+ to

    eh, how? it really works... maybe is very very very minor update. lol

    (For D-TOUCH) How To Update Your PrBoom+ to

    Not really. I watched a video about Prboom+ and the fonts are same as the original Doom. Then I watch Prboom+ and the fonts are same as above. Thank you for the reply.
  3. Hey guys! Ever wanted to update the PrBoom+ in D-Touch to latest version ( Here's the way! What do you all need is : D-Touch 4.1 PrBoom+ files Any IWAD You can get D-Touch at Amazon { Sorry, no link:-( } Link for PrBoom+ : https://sourceforge.net/projects/prboom-plus/files/prboom-plus/ You can get Doom, Doom II, Final Doom at the internet or download freedoom in D-Touch. Step 1 : Click on the link above.It will bring you to PrBoom+'s download directory. Step 2 : Click on win32 file (See below) Step 3 : After clicking it, it will automatically download the file. Wait for it. Step 4 :Go to your Download folder and unzip the file. Step 5 : Go to Beloko/Doom/Full . Search for 'prboom-plus.wad'.Delete it. Step 6 : Go to your freshly extracted prboom-plus- folder then copy 'prboom-plus.wad' and paste it to Beloko/Doom/Full folder. Step 7 : To know if your PrBoom+ has updated or not, go to options.The fonts should be different with the original Doom (If you are using FreeDoom,it is harder to know because FreeDoom has it own fonts). It should look like below: Original Doom: PrBoom+ : Step 8: ENJOYYY!!!!

    How to Run A Server In PrBoom+?

    Hey guys, I currently using D-Touch to play Doom on Android. It supports three popular engines, which is GZDoom, PrBoom+ and Chocolate Doom. I know to create a server using GZDoom and Chocolate Doom, but I didn't know how to run a server using PrBoom+. I already searched the internet and also updated my PrBoom+. It says that I need to run 'prboom-plus-server.exe' to create a server.The client need to type 'prboom -net <hostname> <port>' in the terminal (or in my case, command line). But I couldn't run the .exe (of course, this is Android, not windows). If there anyone know how? Thanks.