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  1. Alexiner

    A little demon-infested hub

    Thank you very much for feedback:) I'll put the advices to use. Besides I just realized that the archvile problem is actually a flaw of layout (the player is not obliged to go right first, to a horde of ammo-sprawling zombies in front of an anyway closed door). I should be conscious of different ways the player may take.
  2. Alexiner

    A little demon-infested hub

    Not really that gritty if you don't use dark sector light mode as I do:)
  3. Alexiner

    Void And Rainbow

    Loved the map both in terms of mapping, style and gameplay (despite falling from platforms in the end lots of times like a complete noob :D). Well done!
  4. Alexiner

    A little demon-infested hub

    Decided to publish my first complete Doom II map for everyone to try. Would appreciate to hear what you think about it:) There we have several rooms that will require lots of running around them and that will occasionally require gnawing the way through demon crowds. My personal weapon of choise at such times is chaingun as I find it overly satisfying to use in Brutal Doom but it's all up to you:) That's intended to be played with Brutal Doom v19 (other versions or mods or vanilla will probably be fine but I didn't test it that way). Used Zandronum as port. You are not supposed to jump, that would get you directly to the last room and break the flow. File weights too much for the forum because of the music, so here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lcblmgcid4zdg85/Infested_hub.wad?dl=0