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  1. Actually, I remember hearing from a friend that the Turok series had this weird history with unintentional multiplayer (but now I know that friend didn’t have their facts straight), except for Rage Wars. I never looked at the N64 original because I heard it had really weird controls, and that the original PC port was beyond terrible, so I waited until it was released on Steam to play it. Now that I think about it, I think I recall seeing a “multiplayer” option on the main menu. I don’t generally play MP in games, but I have Zandro installed just for those rare moments when I do.
  2. (that second image was actually from my own Steam recommendations)
  3. I've been wondering, what exactly is the point of including Turok 2? Did Nightdive add some sort of unfinished multiplayer aspect in T2?
  4. As much shit as I give Doom 3, I can't deny that the Pinky banging on the door did kind of freak me out a little, mostly because I had low health on my first playthrough and I knew that when he came in I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I was relieved when he went for the glass instead, actually.
  5. I'm not trying to promote a mod because I don't know if I should go forward with it yet. But if I do, I thought I'd drop an animated version of the shotgun along with the spritesheet. Doom Angled Weapons mod - Shotgun spritesheet & animation on Imgur It won't embed for some reason, but the link goes to a GIF and a spritesheet. It's entirely just proof of concept. I want to follow the suggestion Rifle gave me and add a little swing to it (maybe something along the lines of Prey, where Morgan points the shotgun upwards and pumps it after reloading it). I'm still thinking of blurring it out a bit so it still looks smooth but what you're seeing right now is an attempt to make it look round by adding and removing a few pixels. I also tried adding a front ironsight but I'm probably going to remove it when I call it final (and it's flickering in the GIF for some reason, the flickering pixel is supposed to be white). Base size is 100x80, upsized to 1000x800. Also, yes, I did get the hand from Realm667, but I don't remember the weapon. I'll edit the voxel creator and hand sprite creator into this post when I get a chance to find it, I'm rather busy at the time of posting this.
  6. I already had that idea with the chaingun. Thanks for that PR idea, I've been trying to figure out how I could make the plasma rifle look good when it stops firing. I wanted to make the BFG take up a considerable amount of the screen. The thing I don't like about a lot of Doom mods is that the BFG looks rather small to me. Like, I get why, but I don't think the size really compliments how powerful it is (and I've seen fanart where the BFG looks about the size of an assault rifle). As for the pistol, I was planning to make that left-handed by default, but I'll look into making options for right-handed, left-handed with both hands and right-handed with both hands. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. Colorado, born and raised. Probably going to stay here when I graduate high school, I kind of like it here -- not because it's a weed-is-legal state (I don't do drugs), but because I'm a wimp and there's never been a tornado or earthquake where I live :P
  8. Yeah, I was thinking of throwing it into Photoshop and using the smudge tool to make the color changes look more natural, then giving the weapons DOOM2016-esque animations. I was actually considering this for a bit, but I figured it would be better to make a Smooth Doom addon, since that has a rifle. I wanted my mod to keep the vanilla gameplay of Doom, but I'm nowhere near skilled enough to add CVARs to make the rifle optional. Not yet, anyways.
  9. Hey, at least he had some fun while ravaging the 543295873489573897349029723 variations of Hell.
  10. Not entirely sure if this counts, but I used voxels to try and make an angled weapons mod. Not really sure if I wanna keep going with it, especially considering how much the hand clashes with the shotgun (I tried to make the barrel look less boxy on the end, but I think it looks worse). I don't quite remember where I got the hand. I think I got it from Realm667? edit: I was originally gonna post an animated version, but the animated version is even worse.
  11. Currently working on Borderlands 2. I think I'm close to the end, I'm at the Wildlife Exploitation Preservation and one of the goddamn Corrosive Skags is making me want to tear my hair out. EDIT:
  12. Been looking to try and make a map of my own for the first time, and I've had a few ideas. I'll have to look into making something for this.
  13. My opinion most likely differs from everyone else here in an extremely major way, but this is my opinion on how Doom 3 should've been: 1. Don't make the shotgun pump sound like a dying robocat, and please make it an actual viable weapon, not something to force you to dismember an imp so you can shoot directly into his brain to deal any damage 2. The machinegun is pretty good as it is, but it sounds to me like it's shooting pillows 3. I don't want Doomguy to have a seizure every time he takes a hit. I think it's supposed to be more realistic, but I think it makes the game absurdly hard when you're up against multiple gun zombies. 4. I'm fucking blind unless I have the flashlight equipped. This is the only reason I prefer playing BFG Edition, I can actually fight without needing to sacrifice vision (I know Perfected Doom 3 does this, but for some reason the flashlight doesn't actually work when I'm close to something). But even then it's still impossible to see anything. It's kind of a laundry list on my end, but tldr I wish it followed the same principles as Doom and Doom II (heavy metal background music, fast action, basically everything that made Doom great); hell, if they made it run on an improved Doom II engine, that would've been even better! Also, make it much less boring. It's the same pattern: kill imp, find someone's PDA, unlock door, try to fight, end level. The original Doom followed a pattern too, yes, but it wasn't boring. In Doom 3 it gets awfully boring awfully quick. I hadn't even finished the first two maps before minutes felt like hours.
  14. So I do music. Kinda. It's really bad music. I haven't learned music theory yet, so I just kind of throw notes onto a DAW and make it sound good to me. This is a track I'm particularly proud of. My old music didn't have much background melodies, so I decided to do that with this track, Analog. I used an iOS app called Medly to put this together. It's free (and for some reason it doesn't have ads), and I would recommend it to beginners because of how easy it is to get used to the interface. Anyways, the format I tried to follow was verse, chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus -- I thought it would be a good way for me to put in all the melodies I wanted without making it sound so freakishly abrupt with timing, like my old music. I stopped doing music for a bit so I could focus on actually learning music theory so my music isn't a garbage fire. This was originally supposed to be dark, horror-like EDM, so the drums are kinda slow. But as I went along producing Analog, I eventually ended up with a little funky groove, and I loved it so much I didn't change it. The lead I used was a bass instrument in Medly named Analog (guess where I got the name of the song); I tried to lower the bass on the instrument so I didn't make your entire head vibrate when you listened to it. One thing that made me keep this instrument was how "gummy" it sounded to me. The background melody uses a "heavy piano", with another bass instrument to back it up. The melody shifts throughout the song, switching from "being banged on" in the first two verses (as I say) to "being held down" in the chorus. When I was trying to figure out how to start it, I had three concepts. I don't remember what the first two were (I think one was a buildup of verse instruments before leading into the verse), but what you hear at the start, where everything is muffled, is the one I chose in the end. But all the pride is kind of destroyed by the fact that I used to put my music on iTunes and GPlay... yep. I don't know how I should feel. Probably disappointed with myself. Any future music I do is sure as hell not gonna be something you pay for :P
  15. I stole a thing of Tic-Tacs from Target when I was 6