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  1. I've downloaded the mod from ModDB and the only gripe I have (that I can't seem to fix/turn off, anyway) is the flashlight. For some reason it doesn't work when you're up close to something, everything in the flashlight circle is dark. I couldn't seem to find a fix for this in the options. Also, the motion blur seems to have weird flickering objects on screen (I'm currently not able to get screenshots of these bugs, sadly).
  2. I'm currently playing Doom 3 on Xbox, since I got my hands on the Collector's Edition, and I think I can point out personal pros and cons of BFG. Pros: -holy shit a fucking armor-mounted flashlight, that's what I always wanted -moRE AMMO SO YOUR GUNS CAN ACTUALLY DO THINGS AAAA (no seriously this is one of my favorite parts of BFG) -New Doom II stuff -New campaign Cons: -Copyrighted math symbols (mostly a shitpost, yes, but the pill icon is ugly) -WHO NEEDS A SECRET LEVEL WHEN YOU CAN MAKE IT NOTHING LIKE WHAT IT REFERENCES (the Wolf3D secret level) -I now own a shitload of copies of Doom and Doom II -I still can't see -Top 10 Generic Sewer Levels -Expands on the disappointment that Doom 3 was by making it more disappointing
  3. How good are you at video games? 1. GA GA FUCKING GOO GOO 2. Recommended for game journalists 3. "Power armor is for p u s s i e s" -Gorgeous Freeman 4. Normal difficulty 5.
  4. I'll listen to EDM or dance once in a while (in those cases I prefer Alan Walker or NoCopyrightSounds), but for me rock and metal are where it's at.
  5. For me, it's 2 easy answers. DUSK might be getting a full release late next year, judging by this tweet. Been following development for a while, I like how the release date has gone from SOON[TM] to just "soon". I absolutely loved Episode 1, I think DUSK is the throwback FPS we've been needing. Also, Witchfire. Fucking Witchfire. I nearly took a holy shit when I saw the teaser at the Game Awards. I haven't been this excited for a video game in a while. I'm even more excited to see new stuff about it next year. I mean, just look at this! It looks fucking awesome!
  6. According to the Fight For the Future Twitter and newsletter, lawmakers are already planning to overturn the vote. Maybe 2017 won't finish off as shitty as it started. Although I learned to expect the worst because I'm a pessimist, so
  7. I'm willing to bet a lot of people would believe I'm some sort of edgy teenager after seeing that I'm listening to this. But honestly, it's more that I think LP is a rare example of mixing rock with rap and EDM and still making it sound good, imo. I'm probably not helping my case at all :V
  8. GZDoom's multiplayer is strictly peer-to-peer, and it's not exactly optimal. Zandronum is specifically designed with multiplayer in mind.
  9. I'd like to see GZD to be a bit more optimized, and perhaps merged with Zandronum. That's a rumor I've heard going around, GZD and Zandronum merging. I myself would prefer that. I mostly use the Doom Classic Complete IWAD that WADSmoosh generated, and Zandronum unfortunately does not support it.
  10. My school's library held an event during study time where you could program music using software called Sonic Pi. I ended up with this really cool mini-melody(?), and I just call it "You Got the Thing" because it sounds like something you'd hear in a video game when you pick up a crucial item.
  11. The worst I've played was the iOS port. I only put up with it because that's what was available. I hate it because of how much it tormented the music and how the pitches for sound effects are random. I mean, hey, at least it was functional.
  12. I'm a moderator on the Brutal Doom Discord server, and I can honestly say that the few people we have permabanned were some extremely annoying people, and those permabans have indeed made the place a little more tolerable, though the entire moderation team (myself included) is guilty of being too lenient towards regulars. Keyword: "few". We've had to permaban people who were consistently breaking rules after warnings, harassing other users, posting links to warez (i.e. linking to French websites that have download links for all Doom IWADs; our warning system described below also applies to warez, though I personally think linking to warez should be a permanent ban), the list goes on an on. And I don't mean for "harassing" to be seen as "a slight disagreement", I'm using it with the definition of generally being an asshole to other people for the sake of being an asshole to other people and throwing a temper tantrum when someone gives constructive criticism on something they made and then proceeding to be an asshole to that particular person. (I have to clarify "harassment" because of how the Brutal Doom community is seen in the eyes of other people) I don't want to make it seem like it's a "one hit and you're out" kinda place, because we have a sort of system where we give you a few warnings, then a kick, then a 7-day tempban, and finally, a permaban.
  13. Ah, you mean texture filtering. Texture filtering is what's making Doom look so blurry, and it's turned on by default in GZD, for some bizarre reason that only God would understand. Go to GZDoom options > Display options > OpenGL renderer > Texture options and set Texture Filter Mode to "none".
  14. My idea is that if you don't find a secret with a weapon, it'll likely show up in the main path. For instance, the rocket launcher can either be picked up in the secret room attached to the Baron/Spectre room or it can be picked up during the Cyberdemon fight. The BFG will only be found in a secret, however, because since the map keeps the player stocked on ammo it could make the Cyberdemon or Spider Mastermind bosses way too easy. I've been experimenting with themes, and so far it's a tossup between being entirely a techbase, entirely Hell-like, or some sort of weird progressive theme where it starts out as a techbase and slowly becomes Hell, with stone bricks and all those weird flesh textures (I'm leaning towards the progressive theme, myself). EDIT: Also, thanks for your feedback on the idea!