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  1. -Votterbin-

    The Doom universe? Anyone else interested?

    I'm normally not hugely interested in having a bunch of story in Doom, but the idea of a "Doomiverse" really sounds kinda awesome, actually.
  2. -Votterbin-

    Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    Right now it's Octopath Traveler on the Switch. I love the art style and the story so far (I've only just gotten past Primrose's and Olberic's first chapters).
  3. -Votterbin-


    When it comes to my music, I generally think it's always garbage. Then I remember that I'm my own worst critic, and usually the stuff I expect to bomb ends up being some of my more popular stuff.
  4. -Votterbin-

    How are you doing?

    lmfao I had a C in history, I got a B on my final and it brought me down to a D fucking kill me
  5. iPhone 6S, but when my contract expires I'm upgrading to a Galaxy S8. I don't really need all the crazy features the S9 has, but I also want to at least kind of stay up to date on phones with headphone jacks.
  6. -Votterbin-

    Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    I'm starting to realize that my previous posts here have things related to Borderlands, so I just want to point something out When it comes to a weapon limit, I think it makes sense in Borderlands, since it's an FPSRPG, and in RPGs you have a small amount of weapons to work with, though you can change them at any time. And Borderlands 2 has health regen as an upgrade (provided your shield is full), so it's optional there, which is perfectly fine by me. I do indeed love Borderlands and I'm willing to make some exceptions when it comes to modern shooters, and Borderlands happens to be that exception.
  7. -Votterbin-

    What was your first ever video game?

    Christ, I can hardly remember. I think it was Cars on the GBA?
  8. -Votterbin-

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    My account settings keeps telling me I've already used my one username change for the year, even though I haven't actually gone to that menu at all. I don't know if this belongs here, but I thought I would just in case :P
  9. -Votterbin-

    Your favorite video game announcers.

    The announcer from Mario Party 8 during the minigames. After hearing his voice, every other Mario Party announcer's voice sounded either really annoying or extremely grating.
  10. -Votterbin-

    Random Image Thread

  11. -Votterbin-

    What are you listening to?

    i fucking love guns n roses
  12. -Votterbin-

    Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

    Ultimate Doom: Untitled/Mouth For War At Doom's Gate Kitchen Ace And Taking Names The Demons From Adrien's Pen Doom II: Running From Evil Shawn's Got The Shotgun
  13. -Votterbin-

    Most recent movie you saw

    Rewatched: Iron Man - A little worse than I remember. It has a lot of generic action movie shots and stuff, but I think it was a great way to kick off the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man 2 - Also good. Not much to say here. First-time: Atomic Blonde - Wow. I don't know what I was expecting, but I really loved Atomic Blonde. Probably one of my favorite movies, up there with Age of Ultron and Ghost in the Shell.
  14. -Votterbin-

    Rage 2 leaked?

    I remember most of the characters being really serious, but the Mutant Bash TV guy was so jolly that he kinda made everything else seem pretty grim to me.
  15. I second this, but when you install Quake 1.5, the weapons get even better IMO.