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  1. What is the best music track in your opinion? Mine is Shawn's got the Shotgun
  2. There are chainsaw zombies in Doom 3 BFG Edition. Not so much the scissors and knives.
  3. An extremely fuzzy image of the de Vigenere cipher. Is that sarcasm? I can't tell
  4. Chromebooks were a good invention, but their processing speed isn't all that great. But, I deal with it. Also, I just realized that this thread is in fact 6 years old.
  5. I have played Doom and Doom 2 on a Chromebook. I swear, the max framerate is roughly 9 fps.
  6. By "how would Doom be different?", I mean if someone made a game similar to it, what would be different about it?
  7. Seriously, if id Software never made Doom, how would Doom be different? Ever since I started playing Doom, I had pondered this.
  8. I was recently playing Doom 2 and noticed that in the rocket launcher animation, the "tab" goes invisible. Never noticed this. Is it in all source ports?
  9. Agreed. Someone should make a mod like this (I have absolutely no knowledge on making a Doom mod. The least I can do is make a slow AF raycaster with no detail.)
  10. E3M3, or Deep Into the Code, is like earrape
  11. Heretic is just as good as Doom to me.
  12. I thought the SS Nazis were saying "Shoot at what?" when I alerted them.
  13. Can't tell if anyone has said it, but the Necropolis is a level in Quake 1.
  14. If you could choose, which demon would be your bodyguard/servant? You did conquer Hell, the demons be fair (one could wish), one is to be at our side. Who would it be and why? Bosses do not count. For Example: Mine would probably be the Revenant because of the heat seeking rockets. Either that or the Baron.
  15. When you only have your fists and you first encounter a Demon/pinky When you expect a jumpscare but it doesn't come But, most of all, the BFG Edition's loading time.