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  1. OldManRage

    Amusing observation about keyboard/mouse vs. controller

    I typically hate playing FPS’s on a controller but DOOM 2016 is so fun that I don’t seem to mind it. Also, setting the sensitivity of a controller in most FPS’s seems to be a compromise of spinning around quickly and aiming accurately, but in DOOM, maybe because of the arenas or how random movement is rewarded, I don’t find myself spinning around too much, so I can focus on the sensitivity to help in quick aiming more. I would prefer mouse and keyboard but I only have it on PS4 (weak PC and can’t afford a new one). I’ve been debating getting a PS4 mouse and keyboard but then would need a monitor and desk to play it on (instead of on my TV while I play on the couch). Hopefully DOOM Eternal has similar gameplay/movement strategies and controller settings to adjust to your liking.
  2. OldManRage

    The Joy of Mapping 5: Winter Weekend - FINAL.

    I may stay warm in a building filled with lava. Can't wait to see the theme... I'm open to anything, with the exception of something that's too holiday-influenced... It's too cheery for my grumpy old self, but I do like the idea of generic snow levels.
  3. OldManRage

    Worst Doom Level

    Just beat Doom 2 on UV, and I'll say Map 28 "The Spirit World". That bit at the end where you have to shoot the non-obvious tile to advance to the end of the map is dumb. After an hour of running around in circles trying to open every wall, I finally had to do IDCLIP to figure out where the hell I had to go... I hated having to resort to that, but I was really losing my patience.
  4. OldManRage

    The Joy of Mapping 5: Winter Weekend - FINAL.

    Screw it. I'm in! This will be my first Doom map, but I did build several dozen Duke3D maps in the 90's, so I'm not completely new to the process. I'll get better acquainted with GZDoom Builder in the meantime. If I could be slotted for an earlier map, I'd appreciate it (this way I can get away with my map being a little simpler).
  5. OldManRage

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    @RjY I've never modified a Doom source port. I was pretty naive and thought all of this editing could be done in Notepad, but I stumbled on this video, which seems like I need a compiler program (such as GCC) to modify the code. I'll watch his videos closely to try and understand what I'm doing, but it's going to take me some time.
  6. OldManRage

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Awesome! I'll try it out tomorrow (sorry I had a long day and didn't see this post until now). I'll let you know. Thanks!
  7. OldManRage

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Thanks @RjY. I'll have a look into it. I may have to open another source port to see what values they changed, but I appreciate you giving me some direction... I'd have no idea where to start otherwise.
  8. OldManRage

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Regarding vertical aiming, is there anyway to disable auto-aim as well? I know you cannot through the options, but is there any command line, or even a way I can edit the source to do this?
  9. OldManRage

    (Update/Fix) Dark Encounters 32 map MegaWad

    That's interesting. Do your two versions of GZDoom have the same settings (compatibility, etc)?
  10. OldManRage

    (Update/Fix) Dark Encounters 32 map MegaWad

    I just downloaded this. It looks fun and well-made. I just got back into Doom and want to run through the id campaigns first, but I was stuck with which WAD to play afterwards and you just answered that for me. I'm looking forward to it.
  11. I agree with @Arctangent's idea about making the maps more linear on purpose to prevent players from getting bored, but I have some ideas as to why players get bored in the first place... I'm in Argent D'Nur on my first playthrough, which is in UV, and about halfway through the game I was losing interest in starting up the game because I had most of the upgrades I wanted, and continuing to play was starting to feel like a chore. As @DooM_RO has been stating, most of the ammo and health pickups are plentiful enough that exploring maps doesn't seem as required, or as interesting, and you're probably close to having most of the upgrades you want, so for the last few maps, I've just been running through trying to keep the gaps in between the battle arena sections as short as possible. I have a few ideas as to how it could be better in the next game (fingers crossed): - Make the maps less linear by giving players choices to take different paths, but allow players to manually save their game, so if they can restart from the fork in the road, rather than being restricted to their last checkpoint. - While I like the fully upgraded Ammo Rune that allows for BFG drops, I think you should be able to store a maximum of 5 BFG shots at a time, but leave its ammo in secret areas, and maybe throw one in some of the very hard arena sections. - There is a good portion of weapon and suit upgrades that I think are just "meh". You should be excited to get every single upgrade, and struggle as to which one to upgrade first. I currently have 26 weapon upgrade points and several mods I can apply these to, but I don't really care to. However, this is only useful if DooM_RO's idea for less ammo drops is implemented to force players to use other weapons (and want to upgrade them) or search around for their ammo of choice. - I feel like armour is hard to come by (without the Armour Rune) so sticking more in secret areas would be great, and if the "less ammo drops" idea is implemented, this will make the Infinite Ammo Rune more useful and make armour more enticing to search for. - I also think that weapon upgrades should be harder to come by (or the upgrades cost more). - Personally, I'd like it if instead of upgrading the Runes through battle challenges, that you upgraded them through additional Rune Trials found within the maps. - Spread out the boss battles a little more, and introduce one or two normal enemies in the latter half of the game. - I also really like @dsm's idea to have the regular plasma rifle shots to slightly stun the opponent, to make it a more powerful weapon (outside of its mods). - And finally, and crucial if the above ideas are implemented: I like the battle-type arena sections, but there are few enemies outside of these, particularly in the later maps, and I think it helps make the game feel like more of a chore near the end for me. I would like to see a lot more enemies in the normal corridors and rooms, especially in secret areas. This will make the extra exploration fun and rewarding.
  12. OldManRage

    Did Doomworld grow recently?

    I wouldn't have joined if it wasn't for Doom 2016. I only bought it a few weeks ago (I took a long hiatus from video games to learn music), and before I bought it, I was really hyping myself up about SnapMap and building some maps again (I built one or two classic Doom maps years ago, but then Duke Nukem 3D came out and I spent years making maps for that until I got fed up with the weapons, sprites/textures, and a few other things). Anyways, while I'm still making my way through the 2016 Campaign, I tried to load up SnapMap, but it took forever, and the somewhat negative reviews were disappointing. At some point, I had a question about Doom 2016 and looked up the Doom subreddit and was shocked to see that the classic Doom modding community was still a thing, and seemingly striving more than ever, so I bought the classic Doom games again and hope to get into map making after I run through the various campaigns. What caused me to join Doomworld was that I had some questions on some Source Ports, so while I really joined to post a classic Doom question, it was Doom 2016 that pulled me back into the Doom community.
  13. OldManRage

    GZDoom Options for (Close to) Vanilla Gameplay?

    Thanks Bauul and Graf, that's good to know. I may just keep running GZDoom then, and then if I start playing maps that require jumping, crouching, and other tweaks, it sounds like I have a good source port for them. I may still try Eternity out, for my own curiosity. Hey @fabian, thanks for checking in. Yes, it was Avast. I downloaded your recent 5.0 update, and Avast locked up both the game engine and setup .exe files. I clicked that I trusted them, but it didn't seem to unlock them. I dug around in Avast, but I couldn't find them - I'm just using the free version and it seemed like the area I needed to go to was locked behind a paywall, which if true, is BS.
  14. OldManRage

    GZDoom Options for (Close to) Vanilla Gameplay?

    Thanks for all of your help guys. I am actually looking for updated graphics, as well as using the mouse to aim and disabling auto-aim. I don't want to jump, crouch, or use any engine that changes the gameplay mechanics (other than mouse to aim). I tried PRBoom+ and was loving it, until I realized that I couldn't disable auto-aim. I downloaded Crispy, but my anti-virus software wouldn't allow me to run it. I went back to GZDoom and set the compatibility to "Doom (Strict)" and a few other things, and it seems to be what I'm looking for, but I will try Eternity tomorrow, as it does seem like you can disable auto-aim in it. Thanks again.
  15. OldManRage

    GZDoom Options for (Close to) Vanilla Gameplay?

    No, I honestly have not. I made a post on the Doom Reddit page about getting the classic Dooms and being able to aim with a mouse and everyone recommended that I should get GZDoom so I didn't look into other options. I will check out the link you provided. Thanks!