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  1. that wasn't my point, MetroidJunky. I just wanted to give an example on what happens when you stress out GZDoom too much. Play nuts with BD or any other demanding monster/gameplay mod and gzdoom slows down the point of freezing. It doesn't freeze your PC though.
  2. It doesn't crash your PC at all. How many times does this need to be explained here? it only crashes the engine. Or to be more specific, it freezes the engine like playing nuts.wad with burtal doom.
  3. wrong, they appear in the main menu, test it yourself. however its broken in the beta and displays a missing texture, not a huge deal for a beta imo. For the lack of permission I'd like to see some source.
  4. Aren't the credits displayed in the background plus also in a txt file? :I Might be subjective, but imo that's quite obvious seeing all credits in the menu.
  5. Hey just played this. Had to because I love Quake and so I really liked the atmosphere. But at some points it could be more detailed. Like outside, the walls of the building are bit too bland. How about some windows or some roof part? Also personally I didn't like how there was a massive fight in the middle of my playthrough and then the map proceeds to have only smaller encounters in small rooms. Shouldn't the big and intense fight be at the end? The boss fight was cool but because of the other slaughter part it felt like I played it out of order. Might be just my impression. Otherwise, it was a enjoyable playthrough.
  6. Yeah just read this and, it's just an oversight. Mark did his best the past years to get everyone credited. That person could have get in contact any time to get his name credited and so it will since the next build. So my point still stands. If you really want to complain about lacking credits, you should go to Painkiller. But if you just need reasons to hate on brutal doom, you should use a different one.
  7. This isn't the case anymore since years, everyone who provided assets is properly credited. Meanwhile Painkiller still uses assets he has no permission of. link
  8. So you agree, that was my point. It doesnt work with vanilla. It doesnt work with anything, it requires bd21
  9. @dmg_64 I don't think so, e-day doesn't even work with vanilla.
  10. But PB wasn't compatible with e-day either, acording to Mark @MetroidJunkie The script hardly crashes your mashine. Shoot with the PB2.3 nadelauncher's altfire into water and the CPu can't keep up with all the particles. The game freezes, your PC doesn't. Tab out and close the game or kill the procces, it doesn't harm your PC.
  11. Really enjoyable to play and look at. The part with the spider boss had a really sudden raise in difficulty though, maybe remove some afrits if you aren't playing on UV.