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  1. Lampenpam

    Complex Doom Clusterfuck

    You gotta use the right load-order. I use .bat files to launch mods and mine is something like this: zandronum -file bulletpuff_fix.wad Newtextcolors_260.pk3 DustSkins.pk3 MAPPACK exomoon-1.5.wad exomoon-mp3.wad complex-doom.v26a2.pk3 LCA-v1.5.9.6.pk3 LCA-Ark-1.7.5.pk3 randommons-v1.2.4-server.only.pk3 complex-dust-v1.7.pk3 LCA-DJB-v4.3.11.pk3 insanelca-custom-v1.2-CF.1.pk3 HEM-custom-CF-v1.30.pk3 complex-dust-clusterfuck-v2.30.pk3 hpbar-v16.pk3 complex-CF-patch-v2.30.pk3 ComplexLCAZan3SoundPatch.wad omplexBrightmaps.pk3 Make a .bat file like that and throw it in your messy zandronium folder and execute it. Exchange MAPPACK with whatever map set you want to play. Don't forget the file ending.
  2. Stunning design. I didn't even think you could make paralax textures look so good in Doom. I couldn't figure out how to open the final door though. Does it have something to do with the purple thing in the room? Interacting with it didn't do anything either except it starting to glow. Is it possible to make the fog sprites fade out when you are close? (like reversed draw distance?) That would make the screen flicker less when you run through smoke and make it look more realistic and easier on the eyes.
  3. Lampenpam

    My first map im uploading

    You can edit your post to fix the link and you can quote and respond multiple people in a single post. I guess this is the first time using an internet forum.
  4. Doomworld Handle: @Lampenpam Skill level: I play most wads on UV but I play with saves and no pistol start. Preferred di´╗┐fficulty level(s): UV Maximum number of maps in a set: Minimum number of maps in a set: Preferred genres: Custom textures, very detailed, gameplay mods, good difficulty progression, requiring jump/crouch Genres you don't like: Slaughter, though I can handle a horde or a big finale at the end. Preferred source ports: Zandronum, GZDoom Source ports refused: Anything but the above, I like a more modern look to my doom. Demos or written comments: Preffering written reviews. Notes: I'm not a mapper
  5. I think changing the color of the fog would look much better in many places. Doesn't this look better than the gray fog? It often looks good to make the fog in a similar color as the sky texture so it blends into eachother better
  6. Lampenpam

    Getting Lost in Doom

    I still play with trigger lines enabled. It's also a setting in the automap options. I don't think there is any shame in using it, in the end modding is about playing how you want to, and enabling trigger lines eliminates all the frustrating situations where you went past a switch (because you're blind, it blended in, or blood decals are all over it) and run through the entire level looking for that one switch you missed.
  7. Lampenpam

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    Because the game is build on being extremly optimized. I quote their storepage: "OPTIMIZED to run on a toaster (a pretty nice toaster)" A sprite with a normal map as viewmodel looks almost identical to a high polygone 3d model but is much faster to render. I'd love seeing this in gzdoom too
  8. Lampenpam

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Just drag-n-drop BD along with the DMC files mentioned in the .bat file onto gzdoom
  9. Inconsistent floor damage atributes. That happens often with community made wads. Why does this blood texture suddenly hurt me in this level when it didn't in a previous? Or is it actually boiling tomato soup?
  10. Lampenpam

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    No dude, it depends on how the artstyle is captured, it does not have to be photo realistic. For example Fortnite has PBR textures (like any modern game nowdays), yet the whole game is cartoonish, and there are a ton of cartoonish games than use many more PBR textures that Fortnite does. You just have to implement PBR textures in a way that fits to the style.
  11. Lampenpam

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    > But the problem is that the realistic look just doesn't work for low poly models. With sprites is looks dumb to begin with I don't think so. It really depends on how the textures are designed. You can still have PBR materials on textures that still look fiting to doom's artstyle. Example: https://i.imgur.com/5G1Q4S6.gifv Imagine this space with vanilla doom enemy sprites. I'd say it fits. The metal texture might be a tad too realistic, but the floor is great. So I hope more maps will give them a shot. They can definitely look great.
  12. Lampenpam

    Where is this music from?

    Did you really google? This was the first thing that showed up on Google: https://mp3co.biz/song/9501677/Sean_Cheshyre_Hodges_Catastrophy/#play
  13. Lampenpam


    @Catpho Did you not notice that the screenshot you linked is super low resolution and displays super blurry? :p Here is the actual image: EDIT: wtf why is it so tiny O_o When I used the link it was fullsize... I guess that's what happened to your post too. gg, Wikia. Welp, gotta rehost: And yeah, I really liked the atmosphere in that game
  14. Lampenpam

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    To make things shorter, you can write .bat files just like this: data\gzdoom.exe -file DSC-1.0.pk3 DSCmaterialPack.pk3 bd21rc1fix.pk3 Makes it easier if you use and edit .bat files a lot to play mods. What's also handy is adding %* at the end of the line, so you can just drag-n-drop mods (if they are in the folder of the .bat) onto the .bat and it will execute the .bat with this droped mod in addition.
  15. Lampenpam

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    @mjf6866 Place BD into the folder where the .bat file is, edit the .bat and add "bd21rc1fix.pk3" at the end. Then execute the bat file. You could also just check which bat files the .bat launches, and drag-n-drop those files on your usual gzdoom.exe, but with the bat file you can specify a load order which may be important.