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  1. Lampenpam

    Unity Add-ons

    If you have a laptop I would try that. You don't need a second keyboard, the laptop already has one and you can play with keyboard only (like how most people played in 1993 since mouse controls were kinda hidden away), although it might be a good idea to get a cheap 10~15€ USB mouse, it makes using the laptop in general more enjoyable too. Since the laptop is probably not that powerful, stick to less demanding source ports and mods. Ports like Crispy Doom run on anything, but you could also use PRBoom+, which is the most similar to the official Unity port (and still a bit better with certain features). To set it up I'd look up some youtube tutorials to walk you through or just ask here.
  2. Lampenpam

    Unity Add-ons

    Oh right. For some reason I thought I was at wads and mods (but perhaps the thread just got moved). Though if you have no PC, @scuffed, there are source ports for mobile too. Maybe look into that.
  3. Lampenpam

    Unity Add-ons

    Since add-ons are just mods, why not just play any other mod from the thousands of Doom mods available with a source port? Why do you need it to become an add-on? It's not like they are officially cannon at this point or anything.
  4. Lampenpam

    My First Map - School

    I'm liking the atmosphere a lot. But try to make the place more interesting. I'm a fan of maps imitating realistic places but the layout was very much just straight running from A to B. Make the place more complex. Especially a school can have plenty of extra rooms to look through for supplies or is an opportunity to make paths split up. Some exploration and more vertical design would be a big improvement. And don't use spaces in the file name plz
  5. Lampenpam

    [Release] Halls of The Goat Child (GZDoom port now available)

    The music didn't work for me. First time using Doomsday Engine, is there something I have to do to get it working? It would have made the atmosphere a lot better :/
  6. Played it on HMP with puzzles enabled. First of all: Beautiful Design. Everything is so detailed and every place looks unique. This is almost on the level of Ion Fury. But the gameplay didn't always sit right with me. Maybe it's because it's a demo and you wanted to show what guns will be included in future versions, but I found it irritating and a bit annoying to have three pistols and shotguns. all pistols did similar damage and had similar alt-fires, and one barely had ammo, so it felt obsolete. I also think there are too many hitscan enemies in unfair places. Hitscan chaingunner on far away roofs, balconies, and open places with much foliage are quickly overlooked and melt your hp away, while you still have to figure out where you are being shot from. I would reduce the use of hitscan enemies only to indoor or tighter areas, where you don't overlook them because of tree and flower sprites. Also the boss in the fountain-soul sphere area wrecked me so many times. The homing AoE attack is too strong and hard to avoid when you have to take care of other monsters in the area. But the portable chain gun seems to be broken and didn't help me against the boss and sometimes didn't fire at smaller enemies at all either. The custom monsters felt a little tanky too or maybe my guns are too weak. The first shotgun didn't one-shot the custom imps and sometimes needs 3 shots for the custom chaingunner. I feel like I would have more fun if I played with a gameplay mod, so at least it's a great thing that you still took care of allowing gameplay mods. But what I enjoyed the most was the apartments where you can destroy all the walls. You can be strategic with mines and canisters, there's a lot of action, no unfair hitscanners placements and just a lot of fun seeing the place getting destroyed when you shoot something explosive. And killing enemies with collapsing ceilings is hilarious. Generally I think it was a fun map even with some gameplay issues and every part was impressive with it's visuals.
  7. Lampenpam

    New(?) Easter Egg for Doom Eternal

    I don't think that's it. There was very little hostility towards this reference when it was found. I rather looks like that some higher up at id doesn't like anime and ordered for it to be removed. Whatever it is, it's a rather whack move to remove it so quickly.
  8. Lampenpam

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    Nope. Not at all. Obviously they don't. People just bark after "Denuvo bad" or "Bethesda bad", I already said the complains against ring-0 are restrained exclusively to Doom Eternal. But tell me why is nobody making a fuss AT ALL in other gaming communities? Rainbow 6 Siege? Everything quiet. Apex Legends? They sleep. Tarkov? Fortnite? PUBG? Gears 5? Hunt Showdown? Arma? ARK? Dead by Daylight? No complaints there. The outcry is a hypocritical mess.
  9. Lampenpam

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    @Dark Pulse you really should read the Reddit post. ring-0 is hardly an issue. Look at all the games that have ring-0 since years: https://www.easy.ac/en-us/partners/ https://www.battleye.com/ This wasn't an issue to us at all and STILL isn't because I don't still see anyone complain about these games in their communities. If you say "their entire system at risk to anyone actively exploiting the hack", then why do I not see this dramatic around the other games? And if you are worried that a program you install could harm your PC, you shouldn't install *anything* on your PC.
  10. Lampenpam

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    I hope we can start agreeing now that kernel-0 anti-cheats aren't a problem. We had them for years in numerous games but in the whole shitstorm people only blame Eternal for it because they read something about "Bethesda" and "Denuvo" being involved. But I'm happy that even at r/Doom people seem to get a grip now and try to reduce the complaints to the ones that actually make any sense: https://old.reddit.com/r/Doom/comments/gkuekg/please_be_precise_when_criticizing_denuvo/
  11. Lampenpam

    Blood decals and disappearing bodies

    Yeah obviously, but just as you can reduce graphic settings, you can increase them if you have the capable hardware. So you should be able to turn up the ragdoll lifetime, if your PC can mange it. And in my playthrough with the mod, my performance wasn't even affected much, which makes me think that the only reason they did it, is so console user don't complain that their game has a lot less gore.
  12. Lampenpam

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    Not at all? Take a look at how Denuvo-DRM is doing nowadays. No performance impact and games are uncracked for months. If this anti-cheat is just as competent, then I take it. I hope it does prevent cheating fully. We'll see if that is really the case but if it does, then I would even like to have this in any multiplayer game.
  13. Lampenpam

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    @Vic Vos None of these ever blew up. People kept playing Battle-eye games, with no mention of ring-0 issues at all unless you google for them and find some thread in some obscure forum (which you probably did right now, am I right?). If the complains never hit mainstream, I don't think they were important to begin with. It only got a big discussion now because of Valorant for actually a different reason.
  14. Lampenpam

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    yeah because it was running all the time, even stopping certain software from working while the game was closed. People misinterpreted that ring-0 is the actual issue. Probably it sounds scary. The performance issues are legit concern, but on all threads about this anti-cheat the complaints are 99% "ring-0 spooky" and hardly anything about performance. Not saying it's not a legit complain! If some people have performance issues it need to be fixed soon, just like Proton not working needs to be fixed asap! But it seems only few people have performance issues and this isn't what the current shitstorm is about at all. It's all about that ring-0, which isn't anything new if we had this type of anti-cheat for years with everyone being fine with it. So instead to complain about something that clearly isn't an issue for years, I much rather prefer having that, than having more cheaters in my online game.
  15. Lampenpam

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    Denuvo-DRM. Note that Denuvo-Anti-cheat is something else. And 2016 did have hackers, it wasn't fine. I even hope Denuvo-Anti-Cheat is actually as good as Denuvo-DRM recently is, as some games are uncracked for months, even years now. If this could allow to fully prevent hacking in multiplayer, then this anti.cheat could be great news.