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  1. daskraut

    I can't see shit without my glasses

    i like yer style, dude!
  2. daskraut

    MOE 1

    not bad for a first! architecture: straight forward, no bullshit, no nonsense. maybe a tiny bit simplistic. detail level: not too impressive but what's there makes sense. gameplay: a bit on the easy side. only 1 ambush and some areas are unpopulated. 71 zobies and lesser demons + 1 rev and 1 knight on hmp and uv. could be more but it's enjoyable. guns, ammo, stuff and shit are sufficient. all in all a decent standard demon-infested uac installation. 4/5 because it's good for a first. also i once had a cat named moe ;) keep it up, macx!
  3. !


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    2. Evyrling
    3. Linguica


      When you review someone's first WAD by saying it "sucks balls" what do you expect

    4. daskraut


      when someone uploads a crap map, what kind of review do they expect?
      also: i wrote "Everybody's first wad sucked balls - we just didn't publish them.", not "your wad sucks balls". that's a tiny bit of a difference.

      let's all chill out, i removed the sentence in question from the review. it wasn't meant as an insult but if it's understood as one, well, english is a second language for me. my apologies, evyrling!

  4. daskraut


    "Look, Ma, I found Doom Builder! I'm gonna be cool!" Architecture: Uninspired. Very. Detail level: What's that? Lighting: Awful. Painful! Gameplay: Well, there are a few monsters here and there... Makes sense: Not at all. How does any of this resemble a prison? Music: No complaints here. Bugs: Typical beginner level texture mishaps. Lots of them. Do what Myst.Haruko told you already. But don't let all this negative feedback discourage you, kiddo. Keep on mapping, learn how to do it right, make something great and amaze us!
  5. daskraut

    Dark Encounters

    decent level architecture and decent detailing (only very few slightly uninspired areas) generous use of 3d floors - which is nice! effectful use of light effects good gameplay, good ambushes, sparing use of arschviles edit: and a really nice metal soundtrack everything the player wants.
  6. daskraut


    nice enough gameplay, a bit on the easy side. make sure you have gothicx.wad available, the textures haven't been imported!