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  1. Ahah now I feel like an idiot, the map was a homage to Phobos Anomaly and it didn't cross my mind at all. I'm gonna keep playing them wads using K8vavoom then, thank you and really great work with the port. cheers
  2. Hey there, I don't have the time to read the whole thread, I was wondering if this source port has known issues/bugs that could potentially break a level? I really like how K8vavoom looks and how smooth is performance-wise, I could see myself using it as my default source port. Anyway, I was playing the wad ''Lunar Catastrophe'' and during map 8 there is a teleporter that brings you to a room, after a few seconds in that room I get taken back to the main menu, I assume it's a crash although I don't get any crash notification. Just wondering if there are known game breaking bugs that could explain it? cheers EDIT: Nevermind I read the first post in its entirety: ''MY FAVORITE MOD IS NOT RUNNING, K8VAVOOM.EXE JUST CLOSED! WUTTA?!!! engine's decorate/acs/mapinfo support is not complete. you probably hit something unimplemented. there is "conlog.log" file with console log and error messages. you will probably find some (many) errors there. for curious: decorate scripting is not fully implemented yet. but we are working on it.'' I guess this must be the culprit, I should take a look at the conlog.log file.
  3. Newbie here. I'm wondering...Is this bad? As in possibly game breaking later on when I finalize my wad with all the maps? when I test the maps I'm creating it seems everything is fine, but I get a bunch of errors in GZDoom Builder everytime I open the maps, why is that? I can't load ''Doom 2'' and ''Hell On Earth Starter Pack'' together as resources? They are conflictual somehow?
  4. Kafelnikov

    Newbie Questions

    Oh man, that's great! thank you sooo much for the script. As for the walls, I meant having a different texture in the middle of it horizontally, I dunno if that can be done, probably not. It can be done when the surfaces of the wall are different like in the screenshot below , but I wanted to do it on an uniform wall..anyway it's not that important.
  5. Kafelnikov

    Newbie Questions

    Hi there, I'm kinda new to Doom mapping, it'd be greatly apprecciated if you could help me with some problems I'm having building my maps: 1) I'm trying to have a mirror on the wall where the red texture is (I have no idea why a red texture is showing btw, there is a mirror there), now for some weird reason if I look at that section from a far it looks like the first screenshot, red texture, not a mirror, but if I get on the stairs and look at it there's a mirror, not a red texture, what's going on? what am I doing wrong? also there is a weird ''reflective'' transparent thing going on where it shouldn't be (it's parallel to the library instead of being on the wall) when I look at it from a distance, dunno if you can gather it from the first screenshot: 2) How do I get a middle texture in the middle of a wall horizontally? I know how to use middle textures to build fences and stuff like that but I have no idea how to have walls made up of multiple textures, I have seen in other wads that they do have walls with different textures and patterns but I have no idea how to achieve that. 3) Is there a way to have a level end only when you have cleared the map of every single monster present in it? If so, how? cheers