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  1. Well I have unfortunate news... okay not really... starting tonight I will be gone for 2 weeks socluded from the world out at my cottage. I'm happy I managed to get my CC2 map done before I left.

    The good news is, I won't forget Doom while I'm away, I'm bringing my map plotting book and about 200 sheets of graph paper so I can plot out ALL remaining levels in DTCA.

    While I'm on the topic... who else here goes to the beach sometime during the summer?

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      VACATION BY THE GO-GO's!!! Aww man, you need culture!

    3. Grimm


      Well, I'm back for a day and bored half to death... beaches are fun and all, but what are you supposed to do for 2 weeks?

      Yeah, I know what you mean. Friends help.

      Dude, how did you not recognize that song? I mean the MIDI doesn't quite hack it, but dude!

    4. cyber-menace


      Yeah... I'm finally back, and with an hour's worth of e-mail answering to boot... damn gaming newbs...

      What can I say, I don't listen to music so I didn't recognize it at all because I haven't heard it before.