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  1. dickkickem


    Doom is way more easy to modify and has a friendlier map making interface.
  2. Kinda, I just really like vintage hardware, but I do like general DOS games at the same time, and I have a decent collection of them. If I find some old hardware for a good price (the laptop was around $40) then I'll pick it up and give it ago. That and most of everything I own is extremely outdated, I have more floppies than I do have CDs around my house, and I need something to read them and all my other older files that have been laying around for almost 2 decades.
  3. I looked at them and they were pretty much never used.
  4. I don't know what's going on, all my floppies are basically brand new. Can someone help out? (it even shows files in the directory too)
  5. dickkickem

    Things about Doom you just found out

    DOOM Version 1.0 had a hidden swastika on the map.
  6. dickkickem

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    DOOM II was mine, played it a long while back.
  7. Got lucky and picked up a big box Ultimate Doom copy on 3.5" disks, fully complete, for around $18. Thing is, I've never really seen it on 3.5" disks on eBay, only the CD version. Is it more rare or something? I'll provide pics of it if y'all want me to show.
  8. dickkickem

    The biggest flaws of Heretic (as compared to Doom)

    Heretic really doesn't have much of a variety of weapons you can choose from, along with the fact that the setting is weird.
  9. Because I really only have DOOM 3 in a big box. The ones on eBay are far too expensive, I'm seeing listings that are ridiculous, like $80 for a slightly incomplete big box copy of DOOM II, when I've seen it float around $40. I don't want to pay that much and I want to explore outside of eBay. Where are good places to go to find these older DOOM games that are complete (where I don't have to fork out over $40 for one)? I've never had luck at the Goodwill next to me for any older PC games at all (it's literally all speakers, clothes, and childrens' books...), so I usually just lurk on eBay until I find a good deal, but the last time I saw a good deal for DOOM II/Final DOOM/Doom v.1 was about 3 months ago. :s
  10. dickkickem

    How many WADs have you played?

    Hundreds, maybe thousands, I've even played the Columbine shooters' WADs.
  11. dickkickem

    Doom what if:90s Doom 3

    I think it would be vaguely similar to Quake II, except with a different plot and everything, of course.
  12. I am a collector of DOS games and such and when I found this I was pretty intrigued, just because I've seen nothing like it. In fact, I've seen more sealed DOOM mail orders than I have seen big box DOOM 3 games. I've never seen anyone discussing this specific physical copy on the Internet, either. I've only heard LGR note it in one of his videos. It's apparently a Sam's Club exclusive release, also. Here are some pics: How much is it worth? How many are out there?