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  1. The biggest flaws of Heretic (as compared to Doom)

    Heretic really doesn't have much of a variety of weapons you can choose from, along with the fact that the setting is weird.
  2. Because I really only have DOOM 3 in a big box. The ones on eBay are far too expensive, I'm seeing listings that are ridiculous, like $80 for a slightly incomplete big box copy of DOOM II, when I've seen it float around $40. I don't want to pay that much and I want to explore outside of eBay. Where are good places to go to find these older DOOM games that are complete (where I don't have to fork out over $40 for one)? I've never had luck at the Goodwill next to me for any older PC games at all (it's literally all speakers, clothes, and childrens' books...), so I usually just lurk on eBay until I find a good deal, but the last time I saw a good deal for DOOM II/Final DOOM/Doom v.1 was about 3 months ago. :s
  3. How many WADs have you played?

    Hundreds, maybe thousands, I've even played the Columbine shooters' WADs.
  4. I'm all out of ass! >:(=

  5. Doom what if:90s Doom 3

    I think it would be vaguely similar to Quake II, except with a different plot and everything, of course.
  6. I am a collector of DOS games and such and when I found this I was pretty intrigued, just because I've seen nothing like it. In fact, I've seen more sealed DOOM mail orders than I have seen big box DOOM 3 games. I've never seen anyone discussing this specific physical copy on the Internet, either. I've only heard LGR note it in one of his videos. It's apparently a Sam's Club exclusive release, also. Here are some pics: How much is it worth? How many are out there?