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  1. Woodman

    Freedoom mod bugs...

    Using "ModOhFun!" with Freedoom causes strange things.
  2. Woodman

    Is Freedoom DEAD? 😱

    Something that likely contributes to the lack of updates is that the majority of content is already "complete". There's replacements for all weapons, demons, items, and nearly all levels.
  3. Woodman

    How is it looking with Pain Bringer sprite?

    The "incomplete concept sketches" likely refers to the older sprites in the version which you have, it lacks "attacking" sprites and the walking sprites were rather stiff looking. I believe Freedoom Phase 2 has a full set of levels, but Phase 1 lacks chapter 3 map 5. Any wads created for Doom 1 or Doom 2 can be played with Freedoom Phase 1 or Phase 2, though.
  4. Woodman

    How is it looking with Pain Bringer sprite?

    It looks very nice, however you are likely using an older version of Freedoom. These are the current sprites for the Pain lord: and Pain bringer: . The Combat slug and many other sprites could be qualified as "incomplete" , but due to the method which Freedoom is produced anything can be improved by anyone.
  5. Woodman

    Its Beginning to look a lot like Freedoom

    Here is a festive "SMITA0". Also "WOLF4" and "WOLF7".
  6. Woodman

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    You likely need to set your offsets.
  7. Woodman

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    Seeing as some people have suggested redoing face, would you guys would want this as face?
  8. Woodman

    Playtesters wanted

    This map is good, I like the style of it.