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    ZeniMax shutdown Doom Remake 4

    I would agree. The statement specifically says "your build", as in his version of the engine. "There are legal issues in the main execution file of the third-party game engine provided with your build (particularly gzdoom.exe) which uses ZeniMax Media Inc names, logos, copyrights and/or trademarks without authorization." Emphasis mine. Not any other build, not any other engine. Specifically, the version of the engine included here. They have no reason to include such language other than the fact that his specific version is a problem. Read it again, your build which uses ZeniMax Media Inc names, logos, copyrights, and/or trademarks." If I was a lawyer and GZDoom itself was problematic, I would just drop that whole thing and chase GZDoom iteself. I'd state that the third party game engine flat out uses ZeniMax Media Inc names, logos, etc., and would directly target Graf Zahl for my lawsuit. However, his version includes icons that directly use Doom official artwork and official logos. GZDoom is not the target. GZDoom includes no official iconography nor logos nor assets, only GNU GPL compliant code. The target is misappropriation of official copyrighted iconography. This has separate implications, but the lawyer is not lying and saying that GZDoom is misusing GNU GPL compliant code. He's saying that this specific person's release is violating IP by including copyrighted iconography, namely the original copyrighted logo and the associated boxart for each game, specifically in the icons directory. Stuff that I'm not sure falls under fair use truth be told. I just tried this mod and it's complete trash and I hate it. Did it deserve to be taken down? I don't think so, I'm not a fan of this sort of stuff but it doesn't really hurt anyone either. Are they gonna try to fight the GNU GPL in court against GZDoom specifically? I'm gonna wager no. I hate having to defend this bullshittery but I'm not seeing evidence that GZDoom itself is under attack here. Arguments could be made that this is just the gateway into abolishing source ports for all of time but I remain unconvinced given the robust licensing given to the Doom source code (GNU GPL) and the history of lawsuits that follow the same license.

    The Revenant Problem - A Philosophical Doom 2 Map

    this is the worst mod this is the best mod this is the mod
  3. That was easier than I thought it would be, awesome work! Thanks a million. Maybe I'll be back next year.
  4. Bit of a long-time lurker of the Doom community in general, hi. Recently decided I wanted to download every single mod contained on the Top 100 WADs Of All Time/Cacowards pages as a personal archival project. I have noticed that several links are dead, however. I have compiled a list of all dead links and (what I believe to be) reputable mirrors to all relevant files. These pages get linked around a lot for beginners looking for new mods, so I figured for posterity's sake I'd try and fill in the gaps. Please post other dead links you've found, or correct me if I made any errors or broke any rules (for redistribution clauses, banned sites, etc.) Interestingly, the more recent I got in these lists, the more dead links I found. When Best-Ever died, it created a lot of dead links on these pages. Dropbox's decision to kill public links also killed a bunch of mods, notably TerminusEst's earlier works (though his GitHub pages still exist). Almost everything posted on the /idgames Archive has survived. Rarely, conversations on these forums that in turn linked to files or other information wound up being deleted. I suspect that as services like Dropbox and Google Drive and MEGA become more popular (that do not have the time-tested stability of sites such as the /idgames Archive, for example), dead links will become a more frequent problem over the next ten years. I would implore modders to create as many mirrors as reasonable if at all possible, for the sake of preservation. Not all links are prize winners; some are honorable mentions, or at least mentioned anywhere at all in the descriptions given (Eon Weapons, for example, as a supplement to certain multiplayer award winners.) Thanks to Revenant100 for pointing out newer versions of certain files and where to find harder-to-find files. Bonus facts: My current archive of every DOOM mod ever listed on those pages is 9.29 GB large, clocking in at 466 files with no duplicates. Grezzo 2 accounts for approximately 31% of that at 2.85 GB. The first ten years account for approximately 3% at only 282 MB. Maybe you'll find that interesting. EDIT 1: Apparently HEH is an inside joke from before my time and doesn't concern me, disregard.