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  1. Dirk

    Worst map in The Plutonia Experiment

    I always skip Hunted and Impossible Mission. Just tedious, and no fun at all. The final Abattoire room is horrible, but it's a bit less shitty if you make a point of grabbing the invulnerability first.
  2. Dirk

    Least favourite mechanic?

    The safety on the BFG.
  3. Which ones are those? Come to think of it, which Wolf levels were made by which mapper?
  4. So something odd happened to me while playing Plutonia with Smooth Doom (GZDoom 4.4.2). A revenant shot a homing fireball, and it ended up looping in an infinite circle around me so long as I kept standing still. Does anyone know what triggers this behavior?
  5. Dirk

    Maps that are easy to learn?

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'm looking forward to trying these out this weekend!
  6. I'm absolutely terrible at navigation, and so I've found that the only maps that I really enjoy playing are those that are really easy to learn, or else ones that I've played an untold number of times. Any suggestions for WADs that feature particularly intuitive layouts/navigation?
  7. I just watched the High Score documentary series on Netflix, and in episode 6 they showed a handful of Doom mods, including Adventures Of Square, Pirate Doom, and Golden Souls. Does anyone know what the other mods are?
  8. Dirk

    What would you replace the Pistol with?

    Make it so that the chaingun is never perfectly accurate, slightly increase the fire rate of the pistol, and most of the problems are solved.
  9. Are there any Nightmare-exclusive WADs out there that are worth checking out? It seems like there's some great gameplay to be had with the resurrecting monsters etc., but I've only come across one (can't remember the name...the player was in a maze, and a bunch of resurrecting shotgun guys provided the main challenge and a source of ammo).
  10. I watched my friend's older brother play e1m1 and die almost immediately. It scared the shit out of me, especially the way that Doomguy's face went from wary to bloody. As soon as I got home, I downloaded the shareware version.
  11. Is there a way to view all secret triggers in the automap in Zandronum? I have am_map_secrets set to "2", but that only shows (I think) the actual secret lines.
  12. I always thought that Die Hard would make for an amazing Doom mod.
  13. Dirk

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    I would play the shit out of Titanic Doom.
  14. Dirk

    Zandronum: Player's hand not moving?

    Thanks! I had no idea what it was called. I didn't see an option in the menu, but I was able to use the movebob console command to fix the problem.