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  1. Are there any Nightmare-exclusive WADs out there that are worth checking out? It seems like there's some great gameplay to be had with the resurrecting monsters etc., but I've only come across one (can't remember the name...the player was in a maze, and a bunch of resurrecting shotgun guys provided the main challenge and a source of ammo).
  2. I watched my friend's older brother play e1m1 and die almost immediately. It scared the shit out of me, especially the way that Doomguy's face went from wary to bloody. As soon as I got home, I downloaded the shareware version.
  3. Is there a way to view all secret triggers in the automap in Zandronum? I have am_map_secrets set to "2", but that only shows (I think) the actual secret lines.
  4. I always thought that Die Hard would make for an amazing Doom mod.
  5. Dirk

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    I would play the shit out of Titanic Doom.
  6. Dirk

    Zandronum: Player's hand not moving?

    Thanks! I had no idea what it was called. I didn't see an option in the menu, but I was able to use the movebob console command to fix the problem.
  7. Something I recently noticed while playing in Zandronum is that when I move, Doomguy's hand doesn't dip around the way it should. Instead, it remains almost static. Does anyone know what setting I can change to restore the default behaviour?
  8. Dirk

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    "No running or strafing allowed." Mimicking the way most of us probably started playing.
  9. ^I'm pretty much a complete newbie. Is there a way for me to load that file along with a WAD?
  10. A while ago, I remember reading a suggestion from someone that there should be a "drunk" flag for the monsters, which would make them aim as if the player had picked up an invisibility sphere, to make dodging attacks a bit more difficult for people who are so used to the traditional firing patterns and instinctively know where to go. Are there any WADs/mods with this behaviour?
  11. I saw on the Chocolate Doom wiki that "the game itself is still rendered at the original 320x200 resolution used by the DOS executables." Is there a way to get around this? If not, what would be the best source port to a) emulate the original game as closely as possible, and b) look as good as Gzdoom/Zandronum?
  12. As blasphemous as it might sound, I've found that I don't enjoy most "pure" Doom mods (exception that proves the rule: I loved BTSX until about halfway through, and then I gave up on it when I found myself hopelessly lost in the maps). By contrast, I love projects like Urban Brawl, Golden Souls, the two Wool Ball projects, and Project Einherjar. I've also enjoyed re-conceptualizations like Stronghold and Skulldash. Are there any other total conversions or other such projects that I should look into?
  13. I was playing E1M1 and turned God mode on because I just wanted to walk around and I was feeling lazy. I made my way past the first door, and then I alt-tabbed away for a bit to read a thread here. When I returned to Zandronum, I was in the exit room. Does anyone know how this might have happened?
  14. I actually like E4M8 as it is, except for the damn Spiderdemon. I'd increase her health points (at least double, maybe triple), and perhaps make her immune to the BFG's invisible rays. I suck at Doom, but I still beat E3M8 on my first try in about 20 seconds. I'd prefer just about anything to the IoS. It might have been neat if you had to just survive against it for 5 minutes before the real boss showed up or something like that, but otherwise, riding a lift and shooting a wall at just the right time isn't my idea of fun.
  15. Dirk

    Your dumb Doom habits

    I obsessively hoard plasma cells, even if I know the mapset and know that there are a bunch of cell packs coming up soon (Tenements, ahem). So I usually end up fighting a bunch of advanced enemies with the SSG and wind up using up my plasma cells on zombiemen so that I can pick up the 100 cell packs.