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  1. Do you have any specific recommendations? This is the first I've heard of this, and I'm intrigued.
  2. I must say, I'm genuinely surprised that neither entry in the Wool Ball series has won a Cacoward proper; they're both masterpieces, imvho.
  3. Recently I've tried running Doom via both DoxBox and Chocolate Doom, and I'm amazed by how horrible it looks. I could have sworn that it looked much better back in the 90s, but now I'm wondering if my memory's just playing tricks on me (I went on a nearly 20-year hiatus from the game). Did it always look extremely pixelated, and if so, why do the sprites used in modern sourceports look so good?
  4. I, um...I actually enjoy Nirvana. Why do people hate it so much? For me, the real Doom II clunker is The Citadel. (I'm pretending that The Chasm doesn't exist, for obvious reasons.) Dis is the most disappointing level, imo. I'm one of the shittiest Doom players ever, but I still beat it on my first try. BFG for the win, I suppose?
  5. I came here to say exactly this. I loved v20, and I still enjoy returning to it once in a while. The gun balance was perfect (OK, maybe the grenades were overpowered, and the BFG sort of sucked, but that was part of the fun, imo), and the enemies were fun to deal with. v21...not so much. It has too many guns, and it reintroduces the useless pistol (and let's be honest - the assault rifle replacing the pistol is one of the best reasons for playing Brutal Doom in the first place). I like to occasionally pick up Project Brutality or Russian Overkill, if I just want a completely mindless, ridiculous experience. They're great comedy mods. But Brutal Doom? Eh, I really liked the relative simplicity of v20. It was funny and over the top, but it still felt like Doom.