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  1. Dantosking

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    I'm gonna re-release my psx-style maps for gzdoom/zandronum very soon. Already fixed many bugs
  2. Really cool levels. When I've seen those screenshots at the first time I thought - "daym, another evil slaughterwad that doesn't forgive even one mistake". And I was wondered when I've felt this simple and friendly map gameplay. Complete only 4 maps, gonna finish it (sorry for bad english)
  3. Dantosking

    Virus of Faith

    Update this wad. Map05 was changed. Btw fixed some old bugs Download
  4. Dantosking

    Cydonia [/idgames]

    We've played in your stuff. Well, it feels like you playing some extra maps for the first plutonia.wad. Really great work!
  5. Dantosking

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    wow! Thank you very much, guys :D In the next months I'll fixing PSX Doom: The forgotten chapter. Final Release will come!
  6. Dantosking

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IzOEcXI-TpqEUsAqVAWQp-QwWixr4BOQ/view?usp=sharing I'll look for other wads but who knows...
  7. Dantosking

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Siting with caco on Russian Doomcon
  8. Dantosking

    Virus of Faith

    @EffinghamHuffnagel https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ATKJWW_X1yy7H_mjAieyXpqhJcX5Qx6r sure :)
  9. Dantosking

    Brand New Morphosis [16]

    This project was made just for fun and is some kind of remake of original dm maps. Has 16 maps. In zandronum version there is hub map where you can access all other maps Download Prboom version - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UqzJypvpkCh3dAtl3RJfF_tWzsDzgzVL/view Download Zandronum version - https://drive.google.com/file/d/19_dBukAux1mz6nJunkRRWmWKFqp85VuS/view (please, start from map29 "warpzone") Maplist: # map01 (TGA) Shoot # map02 (Dant3) SSL2 # map03 (Gvozdevik) Judas23_ # map04 (Seifer) Lazarus map04 # map05 (Dant3) Dwango5 map01 # map06 (Dant3) King1 # map07 (Striker) Fuloser # map08 (Dant3) Sipooma # map09 (Striker) Dweller2 map11 # map10 (Striker) Greenwar map20 # map11 (Dant3) Dwango6 map01 # map12 (Dant3) Pobla8 # map13 (Striker) & Dant3 Xenos9 map04 # map14 (Dant3) Moo2D # map15 (Dant3) Uroburos # map16 (Striker) Styx8 # map29 (Dant3) Warpzone
  10. Dantosking

    Virus of Faith

    @SP_FACE1 lol, 2 years later... Sorry dude, but I won't to update this work :s
  11. Sorry guys. I really have no time for this best psx project :c Too much IRL things, Doom lan parties etc.
  12. :D Special caco for duel winners, red caco for sale
  13. Don't worry! This is not a last lan-party :)