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  1. Hi everyone! DoomCon Bit, 25-26 of August (Chaos Constructions 2018 Festival, Saint-Petersburg, Russia) - This is a second coming of our growing non-commercial doomers team (LegacyZ). It was a 2 days of epic atmosphere and fun. -Doom 2 Duel Tournament (ZDaemon/Zandronum) main game -Quake 3 Arena TDM (2-on-2) Tournament -Warcraft 2 Battle Net Edition (1-on-1) Tournament -Doom2D Forever FFA Night Tournament -Serious Sam Cooperative/DM We gonna make lan-party alive! (Bad English,sry) More photos here: https://vk.com/legacy_z?z=album-153527564_254941930
  2. Okay, Let me take those maps: Plutonia Level 19: NME TNT Level 15: Dead Zone Level 32: Caribbean
  3. One guy helped me with it. screen from usa (only pal cd). New Doomcon will very soon :-3 Yea, I will try to continue those parties as I can. Send the messages to ID/Romero/Carmack but no one answered :'(
  4. Me (Dant3), Demonologist, TGA and other local known doomers. Accordion dude doesn't use the DoomWorld.
  5. Photos from the very old camera "Zenit". Last photo is really creepy >;D
  6. No! (Danger: Bad English skill) It was really fantastic lan-party. Brutal Doom didn't kill Classic Doom (Yea, u can take it). Many doomers from other cities has come on this party (as you know Russia is really big country). There was many known doom ports/wads. My own ps-one with lsd-screen, pentium 200, unfinished handmade board doom game (ehh) and magazine about russian wads. Really amazing 2 days of my life!!!
  7. Hey everyone! I think you know what Comic con is mean ? Big festival which includes many interest things. Some russian doomers and me gonna make Doom stage! 19-20 of May! SKK arena! Metro station Park Pobedi (Victory Garden/Garden of Victory,...ugh) 12AM - 8PM If u wanna visit Russia this spring and take a part on this festival, u can see the next things: -Doom II OS Duel Tourney 1-on-1 "Before the last bullet" with prizes (doom2 map01, dwango5 map01, ssl2, king1, judas23, uroburos, styx8, brit11 map05, lazarus1j map04) - 19 of may -Handmade Doom board game (non-official) :D -Cooperative games (Scythe 2 survival, ZDoomWars LMS battles and some other wads) -Fun and magic old atmosphere -Friendly Doomers Stay Doom!
  8. Dantosking

    Virus of Faith

    Thank you for all your comments. I'll try to fix those broken things in next time. Map05 was made in very short time. Because I have no ideas for this project :'\ (English skill is not enough, sry)
  9. Dantosking

    Virus of Faith

    Here's 5 levels for Doom 2. You can see only classic style. Nothing special. Date: 22 Nov 2017 IWAD: Doom 2 Port: Vanilla Doom or newer Author: Dantosking/Dant3 Download Screenshots: