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  1. Dantosking


    Really good episode! I've enjoyed a lot while playing it on last lan-party!
  2. Date: 3-4 June 2023 Where: Saint-Petersburg (RU), Epic Con festival
  3. Dantosking


    Awesome work! Not so easy but it's fun!
  4. Dantosking

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Do you mean a Rammstein t-shirt in the mirror?)
  5. Dantosking

    What are you listening to?

    Yooo let's dance! VaporD5M1Wave by Krik[iddqd] Crazy music for crazy people © Krawa
  6. Doom LAN Events/Parties are really something rare and special for all of us. Maybe someone wants to visit it. Someone has been there or... Someone organized it! The main reason why I made this topic - all those good memories about Doom LAN Events/Parties could be lost in time like tears in doom historical rain, time to..... REMIND! ============================== Okay, let's see how much media stuff we having through all these years. Please use this format: Date: ? Where: ? Pics/Vids ============================== Well, I think you know me Date: 15 April 2023 Where: Saint-Petersburg (RU), Starcon Festival Pics: Vid:
  7. Dantosking

    Hordamex: 1.0 is OUT!!

    Let people this cool project for testing on last LAN party. Check 02:11
  8. Dantosking

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Starcon Festival in Saint-Petersburg. We've got there a little land of lan party too Sorry for offtop, but:
  9. Dantosking

    Post a picture of yourself!

    From the last lan party
  10. One of my friend making this stuff. It's trophies for winners of our lan tournaments. Anyway thanks to all Wadazine team for this amazing work. I'm really glad to see that my team's doom activity on those pages!
  11. heh, it reminds me about my project Brand New Morphosis Anyway I must to check this :D
  12. Dantosking

    PSX DooM: The Forgotten Chapter

    Unfortunately we didn't test this for LZDoom D: Hmm, it's first case with unselecting weapon... which version you using?
  13. Yep. My project has a final release, somehow :D Also I don't see s-project.wad as psx style wad here https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/the-s-project
  14. Dantosking

    PSX DooM: The Forgotten Chapter

    Added full walkthrough in first message :)
  15. Dantosking

    PSX DooM: The Forgotten Chapter

    I don't believe it's possible, since there are custom assets and other bunch of stuff that only GZDOOM supports. So far there is a wad version for Zandronum, which was made for coop sessions and such.