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  1. @Doomkid That is some great sentiment dude! I am inspired to go kill some demons! And then make a map with 150 hell knights!
  2. This frustrates me so much. I am trying so hard to make nice maps that are a blend of functionality and aesthetics, but no matter what I do, I am incapable of innovating anything; not to mention that the maps look like trash. I know I am steadily improving, but then I see other people's "first wad" entries, and they look SO MUCH BETTER. It makes me want to quit, but at this point, I can't just stop. I've spent too much time to just quit. I don't know if this would be relevant, but is my lack of creativity potentially stemming from my youth? I am only 14.
  3. ...Extra viewing angles. I think that the doom community would greatly benefit from a modder creating a package of extra viewing angles for the doom monsters, 16 would likely suffice. The reason for this is that currently, in a modern source port, when looking down from a significant angle, one can see the paper thin quality of doom maps. This causes several issues, such as a glaring reminder of even GZDoom's current failings. So... would this ever happen?
  4. @AleksB I certainly will!
  5. @AleksB I am so glad that that is true. I am so lucky to be a part of the doom family!
  6. @Myst.Haruko Well, this is convenient. I happen to have a private tester who does help me with this sort of thing. He tends to focus more on editting errors than gameplay though, but I would rather have a fully textured map than a great map with 1 billion HOMs. Edit: The point is, I am glad I have help.
  7. @SOSU Are you serious? That is weird. Anyways, I uploaded a garbage wadpack I made, which I suppose wasn't garbage, just very basic and bland, and it was rated 0 stars, so I suppose people didn't like my art either. Ehh.
  8. Huh, @SOSU, you are really giving me hope that I can improve. I suppose it really isn't fair to compare myself to people who have done it for 5+ years. And I am proud of my maps, it just seems like I shouldn't be proud of them.
  9. @Mordeth ...That is a really good way to look at it. I guess the only hiccup is that I constantly seem to need the approval of the people around me. For example, I haven't seen the one person that I really am able to talk about anything to in 2 weeks. I had a breakdown yesterday because I need to talk to him regularly or I get really depressed. So I started modding Doom so hopefully some people might say they liked what I was doing, not a lot necessarily, just some. But yeah, I should make the level I want to make.
  10. Y'know, Doom Editting is the one videogame design thing I haven't given up on once I hit a snag. So I feel like I can't just stop now. I also really like it. I really wish that I had more creativity though. This is one of the few things I like doing, so naturally, it sucks that I am garbage at it.
  11. Basically, whenever I load up my pk3 in GZDoom Builder, a large portion of the textures, all from a specific pack, have large red "X"es in the texture selection. Only from a specific submenu, and when I choose it and place it, it is fully functional. However, this annoys me to no end. Any insight?
  12. So, my question is, are there any wad/pk3/pk7 makers in Oregon? I ask because I go to a Gaston HS in Oregon, and I think that our club for wad design, and other aspects of DooM modding, would benefit from an experienced wad maker helping out for a couple meetings. I know that this isn't all that reasonable, but at the same time, our goal is to create a megawad, ultimately, and we believe that having an experienced wadder would greatly help us achieve that goal, especially in areas such as level design and unique concepts, as well as DECORATE and other coding for DooM. So, is there anyone in this fine community that would be able to appear at our club? We meet on Thursdays, at the school, and we rarely cancel. We have some great ambitions, and would appreciate anyone's appearance really. Please and Thank You.
  13. @Graf Zahl I like voxels, I had never heard of them before.
  14. @bonnie What do you mean "Bonnie wins for a million years?
  15. @Myst.Haruko But like, CMD is fun.
  16. @bonnie Final spammy update: How long should it take for me to get the email response? Its only been like 2 minutes, but that is still longer than I expect from an automated service.
  17. @bonnie I believe I succeeded finally! Thank you for helping me dude, I really appreciate how you didn't mock me for my incredible ignorance.
  18. Grr. That would be yet another mistake I made. I'm just glad I checked before attempting to upload YET AGAIN...
  19. @bonnie One last thing: So for the password, I would like to confirm that, since my email is, I would enter as the password. Is this true?
  20. @bonnie Dammit. I am done. I will figure this out eventually. This is starting to really annoy me, like, a lot.
  21. @bonnie I figured out that the reason was probably because another user had uploaded a .zip with the same name. Thank you for your kindness sir!
  22. @bonnie 2 things: First, thanks for telling me the thing about the blue box, and second, it still tells me that it "could not create file", but only on, not unknown.txt. And second, I updated the by the way so that the name of the txt inside is unknown.txt as well, but it still complains. Any insight?
  23. Hey everyone, I really need help on this, unlike some of my issues, this is critical to my "kilowad" (Megawad but with fewer levels). So basically, I have a sector. It is raised up above the floor around it, and the middle textures (not the lower textures) are SHAWN2 with the Transparent property. (I am in UDMF). I need to know if there is a way to make only the middle textures block everything, because I want the player to see the contents of the sector, and decide if it is worth lowering. But if I make it not block everything, then the monster hurts the player without a choice, and if I make the lines block everything, then the player cannot ever fight the monster and claim the treasure of sorts. Help is appreciated, please! If you can't help, at least please comment another place that I can ask this question. Thanks!
  24. @Edward850 when I actually upload the .zip, it declares that "could not upload file", what is this caused by? Link to file:
  25. @Edward850 Another question: I got past the "bin" command, but now it says "150 ok to send data" but it appears to be still loading something. Do I still type in the command?