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  1. I see D3 as a retelling of Doom's E1, obviously with an accelerated plot. I just wish the guys at id would finally just come out and say "Stop arguing, xxxx is canon."
  2. I'd ask @Linguica if you can promote this post around Doomworld. It likely won't get much traction from the Freedoom board alone.
  3. Definitely E2 for me. The Cyberdemon is epic, I gotta love the sky, and the whole "Hell consuming a techbase" is just perfection in my opinion. I wish the whole game was like that.
  4. @Archi and @guineu Thanks guys! This is really helpful!
  5. Hey guys! I found out about this mod called Wrath of Cronos for Hexen, and it looks awesome! Just one issue: All the links to the download sites are either down, or lead to one of those sketchy link-filled sites; Either way, no mod. Does anyone know where I can find it, or can someone upload it/link to a confirmed download? Thanks.
  6. Hi! I am attempting to run GZDoom to host a multiplayer LAN server for myself and my brother. We are both using Linux Mint 18.3. There is a problem. When either of us hosts a game, it can be hosted, but neither of us can connect to each other's game. If I launch it, his end can't find my hostname, and vice versa. Any insight fellow wadist oldschoolexuals?
  7. @Jellypox, its ok, I didn't need to play the wad anyway, it just would've been fun.
  8. @Jellypox :-) I hate to say this, but that wad didn't work, when I load it with hexen.wad, it throughs a massive amount of errors and doesn't even try to load after that.
  9. @Jellypox Thanks so much dude! I really appreciate it!
  10. @chungy That would work? Seriously? I'll test it later and get back to you.
  11. How can I get it to work? I just installed it, but I don't know where to put my IWADs. And for the future, is there a command I could run to help me find out such things on my own?
  12. @Litrivin, I don't have either folder. As in, neither exist.
  13. Something I don't understand is why you don't have a Linux version available.
  14. So... could you do part of the level in this, and transfer over into a traditional editor?
  15. I have.
  16. @Jon Can you explain the difference please? This just seems like a code-based level editor. I'm not trashing it, I just don't see its purpose.
  17. Question: Why would I use this instead of, say, GZDoom Builder, or @anotak's Doom Builder X?
  18. @Pegleg Thanks so much for your input! And I thought it was in fact a new word...
  19. A new word I made up. Basically, I want to "Delineate" my levels. They're too linear. Can you guys give me any quick tips as to how I can delineate my levels?
  20. I don't think this has been polled here before.
  21. Thanks to everyone who helped me, and @skillsaw, your comment was very helpful!
  22. Basically, I have a script. It needs to do some things. It needs to, when a button is pressed, begin raising a ceiling, when that is done, raise another, and then another. While this is happening, I need it to progressively spawn chaingunners. I can't figure this out. It seems as if I have to have everything happen at once. This is what I have so far, and I don't necessarily want someone to do it for me, but I'd like a walkthrough so I understand and can repeat it. (Thanks!) #include "zcommon.acs" script 1 (void) { Ceiling_RaiseByValue(1, 1, 120); Thing_Spawn(3, T_CHAINGUY, 90); }
  23. @scifista42 Thanks!
  24. Basically, I just want to make a script that, when triggered, causes several monsters to spawn, and at the same time, sloooowly raises a ceilng. Any help?
  25. Well, mine was my favorite chicken before she was snatched away by some animal.