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  1. Cacodemon345

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/elon-musk-to-acquire-twitter-301532245.html This is one hell of a big news.
  2. I think all of those people thinking Valve will help Linux adaption need to check what the reality is. A Windows-to-Linux exodus will happen the day the community can push for a macOS-like application model, with the ability to drag-and-drop applications into the Applications folder without needing to type in passwords and launch it.. The issue is that it's the same community that scoffed at the introduction of case-insensitive ext4 filesystems, especially at the case-insensitive part. You still can't set environment variables out-of-the-box using GUI on any Linux distro, and only openSUSE provides you the option to manage the boot loader from the GUI without needing the terminal. The filesystem hierarchy model is also very alien to Windows-to-Linux newcomers, and many programs still tells you nothing except via exit codes. The GUI option to configure swap space is also pretty much absent out-of-the-box. And you still don't get to change your computer's name easily without the terminal. Only Google bringing Steam fully to Chrome OS will make people finally start leaving Windows, and the developers will be following with native ports since the Steam runtime there is pretty much the same used in Linux.
  3. Cacodemon345

    unpopular retro opinions

    It got the praise for its 60 FPS, 256-color graphics and the gameplay mechanics drew inspiration from both Sonic (fast character) and Metroid (guns and shooting). It also got released during the time when Doom was still known for 35 FPS. That's what got it a lot of praise.
  4. Cacodemon345

    War in Ukraine

    It will take months to years before we can know the actual truth. Currently we are in the propaganda/disinformation stage of the war. Do research well on all facts and opinions, as well as the reasons behind such opinions.
  5. Cacodemon345

    War in Ukraine

    Putin said that they are willing to hold high-level talks with Ukraine. Zelensky said that his government isn't afraid to talk about neutral status. Let's see how it goes ahead from here.
  6. Cacodemon345

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Do be on the lookout for those OpenGL Program handle types; they are void* in macOS.
  7. At the very least a final and fixed list of things should be compiled if the project is to be finished.
  8. The Xboxes were the only console I would consider buying in this GPU shortage era. It's apparently part of the TOS that you are to release stuff on the Store within 90 days of activating Dev mode or else you get kicked out. Rumour now has it that it could be due to Nintendo forcing their hands due to the Goldeneye remake coming out this year. Then again rules are rules I guess, Dev mode is for developing shit, although I still feel bad that Microsoft is turning it into a shovelware factory.
  9. With x86 systems developing for macOS was at least a possibility because people at least was able to do Hackintosh installs and therefore there used to be a larger pool of people willing to develop open-source software for it. With the ARM switch it won't be true anymore. It will face the same fate Solaris faced with the exception that it will instead turn into a iOS development platform with a niche user base and the death of Hackintoshes will also mean that there will be even less people willing to spend personal money to develop software for it as a hobby. And unlike on Windows and Linux, there is zero guarantee of backwards-compatibility which also leads to more people abandoning the platform. It has already started happening with games; the m64p emulator project has abandoned macOS support entirely and some developers of some games already said that it will take a long time to port to M1. macOS games will eventually cease existing over time with all efforts only focused on making iOS games. And speaking from my recent endeavours, I already saw a extreme shortage of people willing to keep the macOS side of open-source software working outside of GZDoom.
  10. Cacodemon345

    Things about Doom you just found out

    That seems to be the release version from what I saw.
  11. Cacodemon345

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    There's far less chances of GTA 4 being remastered in the bullcrap manner the GTA Trilogy has been because it runs on the same engine powering GTA 5. Let's hope they actually release an update that upgrades the engine to 64-bit and maybe backports some of the graphical effects from GTA 5 and nothing more than that.
  12. If someone manages to reach v6.65, v6.66 should be refrained to be released until it is finally completed for real.
  13. Cacodemon345

    New M1 Pro/Max Macbook Pro laptops

  14. Cacodemon345

    Windows Vista

    Reminder that Crysis 1 released 1 year later in the same month Windows Vista got RTM'd and that game's known for spawning the "Can it run Crysis?" meme due to its high system requirements as well as also being one of the first engines to use D3D10.