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  1. Cacodemon345

    Unity goes full Unity

  2. Cacodemon345

    Is this Mac/PC Doom source code on ebay legit?

    I do hope this leak isn't struck down by id Software; it's going to be a great loss for preservation of Doom history if it happens.
  3. I'm just going to say this as a counter-example to "general public" argument of Graf: Almost every time I have seen a big software use telemetry to determine where development should go, it usually ends up sending development down the wrong direction. Two most prominent examples: Firefox: Started changing UI like underpants, also started implementing very-undesirable features like JavaScript execution in PDF files and still didn't stop copying features from Google Chrome. Microsoft Windows: Features in Pro editions started getting stripped since Windows 10 when telemetry got introduced, including ability to turn off ads in Start Menu. And in Windows 11, taskbar toolbars, window arranging options and ability to reposition taskbar got nuked. GNOME (to an extent, not sure it's a correct example): Also started stripping many useful features like launching executables from Nautilus. In short, the so called "general public" shouldn't be listened to blindly, ever, and ever; they will care about nothing beyond default settings, and that will lead to inevitable incorrect interpretations. And no, I am not saying to go all the way into UNIX elitist territory of making your software only usable by nerds; I am saying that you need to balance feedback between your community and the silent majority outside them. About the Presets proposal: I strongly suggest to consider which will be the default one, and it better not come with texture filtering enabled, because we will be back to square one at the end.
  4. Cacodemon345

    DoomGeneric NTDrv - Doom now as a Windows XP driver

    Things that I can do for this project for now: 1. Mouse movement support. 2. VGA 80x25 text mode startup. Unfortunately audio support is not doable without bypassing the kernel and directly accessing the hardware as the drivers aren't loaded yet in chkdsk environment. It's doable but I expect it will be limited to solely AC97 and Sound Blaster 16 hardware, as HD Audio hardware isn't easy to program correctly. PC speaker programming should still be doable.
  5. Cacodemon345

    DoomGeneric NTDrv - Doom now as a Windows XP driver

    DoomGeneric NTDrv is now at 256-colors!
  6. So it comes at last, Doom as a Windows XP/Vista/7 kernel driver. Download: https://github.com/Cacodemon345/doomgeneric_ntdrv/releases/ Look at the README.md file of the repository for installation instructions. Only tested on Windows XP 32-bit. Look at the Bugs section before reporting bugs. Mouse support is now a thing as of v2.1, but you need to have a PS/2 or USB mouse plugged in.
  7. Cacodemon345

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    I tried to make it work with my FreeDOS install os USB, but the HDPMI fork needed is really buggy, and it can be simply said that it doesn't work even with its DMA emulation on current-era systems. Even Impulse Tracker didn't work properly.
  8. Cacodemon345

    [GZDoom] Unfamiliar

    I wish you success in future endeavors if you are indeed ending your tenure in this Doom modding scene with this release.
  9. Given Marty is the game director and executive producer of id Software, yes, it will impact my decision to purchase the next Doom should he be still there in his positions in some way or form.
  10. Cacodemon345

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/elon-musk-to-acquire-twitter-301532245.html This is one hell of a big news.
  11. I think all of those people thinking Valve will help Linux adaption need to check what the reality is. A Windows-to-Linux exodus will happen the day the community can push for a macOS-like application model, with the ability to drag-and-drop applications into the Applications folder without needing to type in passwords and launch it.. The issue is that it's the same community that scoffed at the introduction of case-insensitive ext4 filesystems, especially at the case-insensitive part. You still can't set environment variables out-of-the-box using GUI on any Linux distro, and only openSUSE provides you the option to manage the boot loader from the GUI without needing the terminal. The filesystem hierarchy model is also very alien to Windows-to-Linux newcomers, and many programs still tells you nothing except via exit codes. The GUI option to configure swap space is also pretty much absent out-of-the-box. And you still don't get to change your computer's name easily without the terminal. Only Google bringing Steam fully to Chrome OS will make people finally start leaving Windows, and the developers will be following with native ports since the Steam runtime there is pretty much the same used in Linux.
  12. Cacodemon345

    unpopular retro opinions

    It got the praise for its 60 FPS, 256-color graphics and the gameplay mechanics drew inspiration from both Sonic (fast character) and Metroid (guns and shooting). It also got released during the time when Doom was still known for 35 FPS. That's what got it a lot of praise.
  13. Cacodemon345

    War in Ukraine

    It will take months to years before we can know the actual truth. Currently we are in the propaganda/disinformation stage of the war. Do research well on all facts and opinions, as well as the reasons behind such opinions.
  14. Cacodemon345

    War in Ukraine

    Putin said that they are willing to hold high-level talks with Ukraine. Zelensky said that his government isn't afraid to talk about neutral status. Let's see how it goes ahead from here.