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  1. I kind of wish Microsoft kept the ability to play sounds and music's right from Explorer from Win2000. It is faster than having to open Media Player. Also, wish Win2000 was released to consumers. And I wouldn't be surprised if admins of that time used it. Also, I prefer old Win2000 look while listening to Canyon.mid and passport.mid. It just feels more at home with the UI for me. Also, why would any gamer here use Win2000?
  2. What I hate about Windows is that the company behind it, Microsoft, is that they often scrap good things. Just look at the beta of Windows XP, 7 and 8, XP was going to have sky background in its OOBE, 7 beta had nice background in Windows Setup and Desktop and 8 was going to retain Aero Glass, all of which was scrapped. Also, Windows 10 UI is bland and too flat, the backward compatibility is fucked up. I prefer Windows 2000 and Windows 7 look. Also, Why tf would anyone care about Win2000 look? Wasn't Win2000 released as a Windows version intended only for professionals and non-consumers and for servers? And yeah, Win10 single-colored title bar is ugly as f***.
  3. Hope Erick194 completes GZDoom Master Edition. I personally would love to see mods being made for these. I also hope that things like LEAFS and MACROS lump is supported in that TC, so that people can make maps for them. Tutti-frutti effect : PSX Edition. Most probably caused by the PSX renderer being an straight port of the PC renderer.
  4. Found a nice utility a while back: At least there are people trying to fix up flat look shit in Windows 8 and higher.
  5. Basically the only thing that I really love about Windows 7 and higher. 1. Yeah, the new design really sucks. It is really ugly. The old Aero Glass was really better. From Wikipedia: It is really ugly, they felt the need to shove useless Metro design language onto Windows 8. 2. Mobile apps are useless on desktops, indeed. 3. DWM is now an useless shit nowadays. Nothing really useful about it. Saddest thing is, Windows 10 Technical Preview had a cool drop shadow effect that they removed for no f***ing reason in later builds of Windows 10. From Wikipedia: Windows 8 was going to have Aero Glass, but was shitcanned. No, it is strictly from Wikipedia.
  6. So what? It is a legal issue.
  7. If the company or person behind the work goes completely out of business, then it is still not abandonware, because the copyright still hasn't expired. If the copyright holder is dead or the company behind it is completely out of business and game itself isn't sold anymore, then it still is not abandonware because the copyright still hasn't expired. On the matter of Doom release, it is still getting ports to consoles, but the game itself isn't really updated, the only thing done is some bug fixes and stuff changing like as seen with Doom 3 BFG Edition's Doom 1 and 2 release. Those BFG releases contain changed sprites of medikits and stimpacks as a result of Red Cross symbol being not actually public domain. Sure, they might get expansion packs, but the main game is itself not updated, so abandonware is nothing more than a simple term people use to legalize piracy. See Windows XP, it is actually still sold in other forms, but other than that it is unsupported and not updated anymore, but since some incarnations of this software is still supported, it is definitely not abandonware despite people calling it so. So, basically they aren't actually abandonware. It is called a digital form of orphaned works.
  8. Wonder why almost everyone is going for Windows hate?
  9. I don't want to pay more for the ability to run Win32 apps if I buy a Windows 10 Pro PC.
  10. More shit from Microsoft:
  11. Did you miss OpenAL32.dll?
  12. Music names for the tracks that this wad uses? I remember Map04 using passport.mid. Anyways, nice mapset that will be memorable. It looks difficult for me through. Especially first intermission music.
  13. It is all because of Windows being slow. Trust me, it has become slow over time and with each and every release of Windows.
  14. I heard it will be DOOM II : Death on Earth.