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  1. Cacodemon345

    R_OPENGL: OpenGL driver not accelerated!

    Did you make sure all sound DLLs are there? You need to have four of them for GZDoom, otherwise the sound will not work.
  2. Cacodemon345

    Is the 8th Generation of gaming terrible?

    I think that the 8th generation games are good, although the bullshittery by the game companies is definitely worse.
  3. Cacodemon345

    Liquidated Doom.

    You should had told me that it makes the animated flats grey-ish!
  4. Cacodemon345

    Liquidated Doom.

    Was trying to delete this post. >_<
  5. Cacodemon345

    Liquidated Doom.

    Update: Removed the green screen effect. This now actually means that you will no longer be protected from most sector damages, so good luck with which ones actually damage you!
  6. Cacodemon345

    Liquidated Doom.

    Basically makes each and every texture made of liquid. Note: Requires GZDoom 3.2.0 or higher. It is actually a joke mod. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FgPhwo67vCVYxz4vBVD8Vv-oEzkbTOla/view?usp=sharing Screenshots:
  7. Cacodemon345

    DOOM Eternal Reveal After-Thread

    The gameplay was amazing. I hope that they doesn't make it Bethesda-Launcher exclusive.
  8. Last time I looked, Nevander appeared as Banned User in ZDoom forums.
  9. Cacodemon345

    Can modern FPS titles be considered as Doom clones?

    The answer to the title is literally NO.
  10. He's banned from ZDoom.
  11. Cacodemon345

    ScoreDoom addonpack - GZDoom edition

    The mod has been updated. Now contains blood splatter effects, reworked gore effects and more!
  12. Cacodemon345

    Fallout 76 will not launch on Steam

    It is sometimes better to find your own answer to your question rather than wasting time waiting for an answer.
  13. Basically, don't be so pessimistic. About lack of progress, it is due to another project that Erick194 is working on.
  14. Cacodemon345

    Fallout 76 will not launch on Steam

    I am not, in any way, going to buy Doom Eternal if they decide to put it out of Steam. And fuck Fallout 76. About the DRM/Anti-piracy thing, they aren't actually that good. The only thing they do is just simply limit the reach to audience and actually encourage companies to put more $$$ on their games, which is not a good thing. No, sorry Croteam, I don't need to buy Serious Sam 3 : BFE because you all decided to make the whole thing Steam-exclusive with SteamWorks DRM shit. There's a reason why I never buyed DRM/Anti-piracy-laced games. If they are going to put in malware in the name of "anti-piracy" (which happened with FlightSimLabs), then I am not going for such games. That's a big fuck NO.