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  1. I played the Doom 3 : BFG Edition. It looks like the OG Doom 3 had more horror feel. The flaw in Doom 3 BFG is that you can use flashlight while using a weapon, instead of having flashlight separately. The Doom 3 RoE level Delta Labs Unknown doesn't interact/fluctate with Hell. The decision to do this is really bad. What are the other flaws in it?
  2. Will source ports get hit by this?
  3. This thread is degenerating into whining thread.
  4. The Win95 skin looks unfitting with the icons of WinXP and higher.
  5. Which features do you miss in Windows Vista and later? And why Microsoft removes some features in each and every release of Windows?
  6. Southpaw BSP-like data needs to be worked on.
  7. If only they saw this ZDoom thread:
  8. @hardcore_gamer, do you want to put your entire blame on @Sergeant_Mark_IV for this?
  9. @kb1, I meant performance hit.
  10. The ACS BEHAVIOUR exploit will only crash GZDoom.
  11. We need to see how the whole Southpaw/Torus engine work. It looks like it contains code from Doom and not DN3D/Build engine or the code may have been rewritten. Which explains how Duke Nukem Advance isn't anything like DN3D. I don't know really.
  12. DOOM 2016. Don't you understand?
  13. ZDoom allows 16 different rotations.
  14. The modern shooters require some thinking before playing. It's how the time changes. Anything past Quake was utilizing models, so different game mechanics needed to be developed. Like @GarrettChan said, old FPS are simply minority things.
  15. (Sorry if this has been discussed before) I think you should read the title.
  16. Reminds me of 8-bit.
  17. I know this news. M$ scrapped a lot of concept even during the 90s era. I found M$ to be scrapping a good-looking OOBE in WinXP. And I found M$ to have scrapped WinClassic hover effect on title bar buttons on the development of the predecessor to Windows XP. Also, why WinVista development was screwed up?
  18. I think that XP and before had less flaws. A flaw that I can think for now is that they are often on taking too much time to start or needlessly eating memory. What are the other flaws? I don't like the way Win8 and higher looks. The Win7 Aero interface looked better, whereas on Win8 and higher it looks rather ugly. The backward compat is fading too. @Agent6, you could tell me.