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  1. doom mods can be fun

    Nuts + Ketchup + Russian Overkill = Slowed down PC as a tortoise.
  2. Flaws in Doom 3 : BFG Edition.

    I played the Doom 3 : BFG Edition. It looks like the OG Doom 3 had more horror feel. The flaw in Doom 3 BFG is that you can use flashlight while using a weapon, instead of having flashlight separately. The Doom 3 RoE level Delta Labs Unknown doesn't interact/fluctate with Hell. The decision to do this is really bad. What are the other flaws in it?
  3. Splitscreen branch (3.42.03a(h2))

    Seems like the main Eternity dev and this guy has got a fulltime job...
  4. doom mods can be fun

    To the OP: Don't make posts that make you look dumb and dull-minded.
  5. Convince me that Brutal doom is Overrrated

    @Linguica Lock this thread. @Sergeant_Mark_IV
  6. Convince me that Brutal doom is Overrrated

    Just let it be locked pls.
  7. Annoying Bug In Doom Touch

    Google Play Redeem Code.
  8. Convince me that Brutal doom is Overrrated

    Lock this thread before people bump this thread. Because this conversation is stupid.
  9. infinite lost souls yes or no?

    I think the infinite lost souls happen because of the fact that certain source-ports remove 21 lost souls limit. It can slow down GZDoom to a crawl as far as I believe. Your best bet would be to turn on the lost soul limit in GZDoom's compatibility settings. LOL :D
  10. Why do video game movies do so poorly?

    My writing skills aren't that good for writing wall of texts, but the topic title makes for a reverse question, why do some games fail to imitate movies properly?
  11. I wonder if such a suggestion is even useful or not?
  12. Any way to play Doom on Windows 10 S?

    Basically this, I repeat. Microsoft will only focus on general public and not gamers and enthusiasts and try to win over Apple. They will probably try to make sure people first are content with what they got with Windows 10 ARM and Windows 10 Polaris, then kill off Win32 support gradually.
  13. Any way to play Doom on Windows 10 S?

    This topic seems sort of irrelevant as Microsoft has decided to bake Windows 10 S into newer low-end PCs starting with Windows 10 RS4: https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/151582/exclusive-windows-10-s-dead-long-live-s-mode Also, Walled Garden OSs needs to die.
  14. What's your favourite MIDI soundfont?

    Roland SC-55.
  15. Forum Update?

    Looks like a bad idea. First idea is more acceptable for me.
  16. Forum Update?

    Only one reaction? Sad... It is also sort of misleading.
  17. Forum Update?

    ^ We need a dislike button.
  18. Forum Update?

    I was signed out when I entered this forum. Thankfully I knew my passwords and username, so I signed back again. Seems like my browser doesn't remember my cookies. Nice theme through.
  19. Hacking the actual PSX Doom?

    I personally feel like GZDoom master edition needs to be based off GZDoom 3.x.x.
  20. Is there a decent Duke TC for Doom?

    I don't think there is one. Basically Duke3D runs on Build Engine while GZDoom is based off Doom Engine. The Build engine allows sectors to move horizontally whilst GZDoom doesn't allow sectors to move horizontally.
  21. (Yep, literally the same Windows thread. Will attempt to focus on Doom more later on.) To be honest, I don't think I will keep on talking about the flaws about Windows Vista and later. So for the things that I love on Windows Vista and later: New D3D1X API for gaming New WDDM driver model, also for gaming Windows Media Player 11, 12 Kernel improvements. Improved video performance. What I hate: Fucked up MIDI. Inability to play Visual Basic DX7 and DX8 games. Disk space bloat up whenever installing updates. Turning USB equipments off through Safely Remove Hardware won't turn off their indicator lights, giving impression that it is still unsafe to remove it. Requiring to backup every single thing on a drive. I mean, do you have to backup every single thing of that harddrive instead of a folder? Anything else you love and hate? Edit: What mistakes did MS did in Windows?
  22. I also used Win2000 for a brief amount of time before moving to WinXP. Also, I am not reading more into your idle speculation. I simply asked a question and I simply stated my own opinion. Also, this thread is getting replies slowly.
  23. It would kill Windows if anything. But I can't ignore your point. Basically Windows ME and Windows Vista was utter trash, which might be due to these. Microsoft reset Windows Vista development maybe due to the reason that you posted. It also makes me wonder what is going with Microsoft now. Also, what mistakes did MS did in Windows?
  24. What? Consumers mean us normal people. @chungy
  25. So what do you mean is that Win2000 was suitable for a gaming PC, yet none actually used for that?