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  1. Yeeeaaah, we already know this. He may be not so interesting for some, he's not the Blood God himself or a fearless marine who kills every god damn demons which get in his ways without breaking a sweat. However, for me: he is. My question was not only based on curiosity. Yet, It is much more. In my eyes, Doom 3 has a huge potential in storytelling, even being a perfect place for novels and short stories. And of course, not only about the Marine all the time. So maybe the games' stories have beginnings and ends but for me, those are just well-seen parts in a huge picture.
  2. We all know how it ended. The marine saved humanity, the fleet arrived, he went back to Earth and everybody lived happily ever after.... or didn't they? -------------------------------------------------- Since I'm a huge Doom 3 fan from the beginning I always got this question in my mind: what the heck has happened to the Marine? It's not only about curiosity. It's much more.. more personal. One day, you'll understand why I was there and why I said this ;) I have worked out 2 theories about the possibilities during the years and I would like to see what you think about those or what are your opinions: 1. He was killed off. After the "accident' we both now, leaving witnesses would bring a great danger to the company ( how people would believe the story is a different question. If they WOULD ever find it true). So, they had to make the only logical choice to keep the UAC's little secret. This murder could have happened a few days after the defeat of the demons or much later in the future, at the end of the new experiments (where he was the test subject). But whatever was before his death, it occurred in this version. I do find this acceptable and not: - It does work because if led a multinational company, I would do the same. I don't want my empire to collapse and I have no other choices. - It doesn't work (perfectly) since Dr. McNeil was still alive. She did know about Betruger, the demons and (maybe) about the possibility of the invasion. She left the place in a hurry (remember the PDA that you found in Delta labs), before or during the attack but I can say, she must have been involved somehow. She and the Board might have made a deal to keep her mouth shut for a very good reason. 2. He wasn't killed off, he was allowed to go back to his family as the company was still observing him (he was still an employee). Maybe not the easiest way to not to let the truth brought out but this could have happened too. Monitoring a guy who knows too much, letting him alive because of a new and humanitarian choice while waiting for him to make a mistake, wiping him out before the worst happens. It's like playing with fire. The marine may have known, if he had spoken too much, he would have been killed with his family and his friends. - I find it good because it brings out a new storyline, a new way of happenings that could lead to the future, even after Roe's events, preparing for something worse. - It's not fine because they could just easily choose the first way, and everything would go as I said before. Alright, this is the moment, when you come in and tell me what you find possible or not. I would love to listen to own ideas too! If you have! I really hope the second version would be as good as the first one. Because if not, I have to throw out my whole project out of the window. And that would be great! Anyway, Thanks for the help! Have a nice day! ( P.s.: Sorry if my English is not that good, I'm from Eastern Europe)