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  1. BlackDahlia1997

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Who said I'm not calm? Jeeez... I've told you, I don't really have a problem with this. A badass chick? Why not! I'm just afraid, the opposite is gonna happen here. Like with the Ghostbusters movie. That was bad as hell! Do I want that catastrophe again? Of course not!
  2. BlackDahlia1997

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Are you an activist here, or what? Look, I don't have too much problem with you people until you keep your stuff away from me. If you don't, you have to hear my opinion too. Fair play, right?
  3. BlackDahlia1997

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I'm a woman. LOL. And no, I didn't change my mind. And please, mind your own business. It's not your problem, I was only honest, end of story.
  4. BlackDahlia1997

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one here who wants things to go as they supposed to be, rather than being corrupted
  5. BlackDahlia1997

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    My reaction when I read this "amazing" news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUZ8N9mCzLQ
  6. BlackDahlia1997

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    http://hu.ign.com/doom-reboot/36960/news/noi-foszereploje-lesz-a-doom-rebootnak Okay, I read this on IGN Hungary, and I haven't found the global link, but probably it doesn't matter, since: The title says it all. To be honest, I'm not against the idea... mostly. However, noticing the signs of a possibly uncool, sh*tty movie just blows my mind. Actors who are not known to be great, a director who is rather untalented than good, only DVD release and so on. Also, there may be some feminist propaganda behind it. To tell you: 5 days ago I wrote a comment on Reddit, as I told people what I don't want to see in the movie. Such as feminist, transgenders, homosexuals, black rights and so on. I wanna a movie about killing demons with a good story and a badass marine instead of seeing more modern cr*ps which makes every normal person triggered!!! Dudes... I'm on the way to totally lose my faith! :(
  7. BlackDahlia1997

    Post a picture of yourself!

    This world is not ready for my ugliness. LMAO
  8. BlackDahlia1997

    Funny/Weird/Shocking/Awesome School Stories

    Did anything interesting happen to me? No. School was s*ck for me. After a time I didn't even care what was going on with others I just wanted to get out of there...
  9. BlackDahlia1997

    What's your favourite languages (not programming)

    Let's see: - Hungarian as number one (since I'm a native speaker) - Then: Russian - German (used to learn it) - Spanish ( family connections) - Chinese - Mongolian - French ( reading words is rocket science for me) - Vietnamese - Italien
  10. BlackDahlia1997

    Half-Life: Threshold

    Looks pretty awesome so far! :D
  11. BlackDahlia1997

    doom 3 mars

    http://www.moddb.com/mods/eldoom Not for hours but still, you can fight on the surface
  12. BlackDahlia1997

    What possibly has happened to the Marine after the events of the game?

    In my opinion, Doom 3 has a separate timeline from Doom 1 and 2. Since the game is a reboot, I never took it as a prelude to the classics. Doom 4's situation is much more difficult in this question, I have theories for that too but not for now. Did the stay on Mars for a while? I can't imagine that. He wanted to leave that sh*thole as soon as possible and with the rescuing team, he had the chance to finally say goodbye to the place of living nightmares. For how long? The future might have told him. In my own storyline, he was taken to the Aurora (an enormous space station not so far from the Moon, owned by the UAC) after he was found. He had a little time (to recover a bit) before a not very serious questioning started in his room with a guy who was hired by the Board to lead the investigation. After that, more bad things happened. But I don't wanna spoil it. Hopefully, the day will come to know about the continuation. And I'm pretty sure about one thing: Hell's Invasion on Earth did occur. When, where, how are not so important now. Everybody can have ideas for this. What I'm trying to point out is that I don't think that he may have died during the attack (only if he was that unlucky). He has the experience, maybe enough to survive attack waves until he can get out of there (on his own or with his family). He could mean a real advantage during the fight forwhy he had gone through those terrible things. Also, i could think he had become some kind of commander during the fights (still working for the UAC? Who knows!), leading his and other teams against the armies of Hell with successes.
  13. BlackDahlia1997

    What possibly has happened to the Marine after the events of the game?

    They were the only persons who stood on the right side with such great power. As I saw their work was all about finding solutions. Whatever they did, it was all about making things right. If we called both of them heroes too, we are not far from the truth. And to be honest, I can imagine the UAC in Doom3 as an overly too powerful company, where the members of the Board has the potency to do whatever they intended, order that is best for the profit. Pushing their people to the limits, driving crazy or killing some with no regrets, secret biological and weapon experiments, business on the Black Market and so on. With them, everything that is supposed to be prohibited is at that time is legal. Of course, everything is behind the public.
  14. BlackDahlia1997

    Any good UAC PDA wallpaper?

    To tell you, I didn't use Google to get this piece. I have a huge Doom artwork-screenshot collection with 7800 pictures so I was wondering if I could help you immediately or not. I remembered I had a very similar one that's why I looked it up for you. Also, I have others too but if you are fine with Google's search, I don't think I'm needed here
  15. BlackDahlia1997

    Theory: Betruger is actually the devil all along

    I think there's a high chance that he was very close to Satan. I don't think he was the demon king himself but as a possessed he had the power to start and lead the invasion. As a right hand, Betruger could have played this role. As my personal idea, I think there are special kind of evil souls that can take over bodies and also keep the original spirit as a witness of the actions (for torturing). They don't turn people into zombies and demons or whatever they could. No, this is all about the undercover. Getting people under their control is the best way to reach their goals. And all because those unlucky bastards were too unstable or weak inside (loss, mental breakdown and so on). The weaker a man is, the easiest to take over. Betruger was just perfect for their newest task. A doctor who had suffered too much during his life became a target and later a faithful commander. It was his choice to go through the portal to hell, he may have talked to them there, giving an even stronger and fatal push to his old self. He was a maniac at that point with no regrets.