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  1. I've just updated dllDooM to beta, with a quick vid to show off edits to the final remaining area.
  2. I'm pleased to announce dllDooM is now in beta! I'd love to get some feedback from this community, specifically on difficulty, if you're keen to take a look.
  3. I'm working away on dllDooM and have put together another before & after vid for a small room I've taking another pass over. As usual it doesn't look like much, but I'm more concerned with gameplay than aesthetics at the moment. I've been getting feedback from others outside the Doom mapping scene, but am still looking for any thoughts you would like to share!
  4. Working away on dllDooM for release at the end of the year, I have a feature in PC Powerplay that should drop mid December so hoping to time release around the same. Today I put together a short clip on all the magic required to have made this incredible transformation: Feel free to check that out below.
  5. dll

    How to promote classic Doom?

    One of the main goals for the stand-alone map I'm putting together is that people new to Doom (maybe they're into the indie & retro style games that are all the hype lately), are able to have a good experience. One that feels modern in its design sensibilities, but true to (at least my concept of) what Doom is. For me that's very much about survival, hectic combat, rewarding exploration, and the joy of interacting with a memorable cast of enemies. If you're interested, take a look at this video I put together and turn the sound on for insight into how I've decided to scaffold the brief introductory area to introduce the core concepts (and give unskilled players the opportunity to die, retry, do better - rapidly).
  6. dll

    Mercury Rain (v1.1)

    Beautiful looking map that doesn't over do it, non-linear layout is a joy to explore and come to know. A few enemies can be handled maybe easier than intended as height differences stopped them being able to fight back effectively. Great atmosphere, plenty of tension, and extremely consistent design.
  7. Thanks everyone for the initial feedback. @Ancalagon I thought I'd wait a few days before replying, have you returned to the map or did you play on at all after this? @Decay @Arctangent @Doomkid Thanks for the musings on multiplayer. I had hoped that, given the way the level opens up after collecting keys / unlocking paths, and with the deliberate placement of weapons, deathmatch would be a rewarding experience that rests as much on your understanding of the space as cold skill.. but that's probably far too hopeful! I appreciate the feedback letting me know to put those thoughts to rest. Apparently I can embed tweets :O I've been trying to skill myself up on making video content (as well as improving my confidence speaking both on and off camera, and about my own work.. something I'm not generally great at), here's a new snippet of footage showing off one particularly dark and organic looking area.
  8. Hello! I'm currently making a map, restricting myself to Doom II assets & actions. You can find that post here. I'm looking for feedback, and would love to hear thoughts and feelings.


    I've also created a twitter profile for the map (it seemed cheaper and easier than a blog or website) to host and share images and videos. Feel free to check that out: https://twitter.com/dllDooM


    1. Memfis


      I saw Ancalagon's comment and decided not to download, sorry... Don't want to play for 30 minutes only to be killed by something random. I guess maybe you didn't know that a lot of people play without saves nowadays?

    2. dll


      No need to apologise, although I'm disappointed to be missing out on your feedback! That's actually really great to hear a lot of people play without saves, games are far more interesting when there are consequences to actions.


      Personally I was very excited to hear of Ancalagon's experience, it means that one of the areas I was concerned might be too hidden.. wasn't! So far that's the most concrete feedback I've received :P I've also made some minor tweaks to indicate more clearly what switches shouldn't be pulled, and those changes should also reinforce the intended lessons if you do pull them.. but at this rate (and especially if they're blocking me from getting valuable feedback from this community in the meantime), those two switches may be repurposed.


      I'll make sure to let you know if and when that change happens, thanks for taking the time to send me your thoughts.

  9. I very much agree with your sentiments and have a similar cynicism toward "game design theory", when looked at in isolation. My particular grievance is how incestuous it can become, with adherents only considering "past work" and "previous knowledge" from within the field of games as relevant. From my perspective we should do all we can to understand as much of the world (and art, and culture, and people and etc etc) as we can, so we can then recontextualise that knowledge to make good games. TL;DR: id had plenty to copy from. Just not FPS games.
  10. EDIT: dllDooM is now in beta! By my definition that means the overall design is compete, no new paths to add but plenty of visual niceties, a few area reworks, and tightening up of the secret areas in order. Download the WAD here To celebrate.. another video! This one shows off part of the last major area I detailed - it was a bit of a challenge given the path was kind of pointless. So now it's a rewarding end-game path that (if you're up for the challenge) can be navigated in the opposite direction, and let's you tackle the map in a different way. Hello everyone! It has been a while. You’ll notice this is my first post from this account, I used to participate in the Doomworld forums around 10 years ago, but since then life has taken over. I’ll put some details around that and proof of identity at the end of this post for anyone interested. The short story is that I’ve been working in game design and production for the last decade. I’ve moved into the corporate environment a bit, which is actually really exciting, taking design thinking and game design skills, and applying them to big / non-digital problems. Earlier this year I hit a creative block, and began to question whether I was actually extending my skills, or just drifting from my game design roots. So I’ve decided to make a Doom map, to see if I still can, and I’d like to share my progress with you. Download the WAD here It’s called dllDooM, and it’s a rather personal project - I have not been up to date with the Doom community in a decade, so I’m going to be really interested to see what you think. I don’t know what styles of mapping are current or popular, or what lessons have been collectively learned. I’ve tried to make something that’s true to how Doom feels when I think back on it, but I'm sure it's somewhat unconventional. I’m looking forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy my progress so far. It’s one large stand-alone map, that is non-linear, and plays like a survival experience. The difficulty level spikes, ammunition is tight, and there are traps and secrets. There are a mix of organic and non-organic environments, including a dark cave system that really calls for slower, careful gameplay. I think it’s the kind of level that gets better after multiple attempts, as you learn where items and weapons are, and discover the consequences of taking different paths, and find your preferred method of cutting through the level. I would love to hear your thoughts! A handful of screenshots For the details: Intended for any limit removing port (if I still remember what that means!), but so far only tested with zDoom 2.8.1. No use of new assets, or source port features, and should be played without freelook, jumping/crouching etc. Intended for single player, although closer to release I’ll be focusing on multiplayer as I think the labyrinthine nature would make it great for deathmatch. It is intended to be played without music. For use with the doom2 IWAD It is one large level (MAP01), and should take 40+ minutes to complete. I’ve balanced it so that “Hey, not too rough” plays well - but am looking for feedback on difficulty, as I’m out of sync with the community and the current level of play. I would love to hear completion times - as it stands I’ve completed playthroughs on “Hey, not too rough”, and 100% kill playthroughs on “I’m too young to die.” I’ve also started a twitter profile to post updates, screenshots and videos, as well as the WAD download link. Feel free to check that out at https://twitter.com/dllDooM. Proof of identify and more info about me, for anyone interested. I’m Dean, and I’ve spent the last 10 years working in the games industry in design and production roles. I entered the industry as part of the game design team for LA Noire, since then I’ve worked on and released mobile indie games, and education games, and have turned my focus more and more towards methods of production and team organisation. I believe game design skills are overlooked and undervalued, and I cannot think of a better toolkit to work from in trying to solve problems in a fast changing and uncertain world. Previously I posted as @.:DartmerC:. (or Dartmerc on the EDGE forums). Here is a link to an EDGE forum post where I mention working on LA Noire. Here is a link to my LinkedIn to cross reference. Looking at my old posts is making me cringe - it sounds like I was a bit of an idiot back then :/ Finally I want to thank @CapnClever and everyone else who helped with this great post that was really useful!