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  1. I already fixed it
  2. Now when I try to start SlumpED, it says that MSVCP71.dll is missing from my computer.
  3. No I have not.
  4. When I downloaded it, I just pressed repair, and its been around %80 for the past 20 minutes.
  5. But I can never get Slade to work in the first place. There's an error message saying that a program is missing from my computer, and I can't fix it.
  6. When I put maps in XWE to change the music, all that comes up, is blank. I've tried exiting and re-opening the program, and it didn't do anything. Can anyone help me with this?
  7. I can't figure out how to go to other wads once I exit levels. I already put all the map numbers in sequence and it still does not work. Can anyone give me some advice?