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  1. DOOMed_Amateur

    Source Ports on Steam Deck and what I've found

    Thanks for the lead. Been personally seeking a setup that's as easy as Beloko's frontend for his Android port (which is called Delta Touch). Also, and to save everyone a bit o' time, GZDeck seems to be abandoned what with it's last update being in mid-2023.
  2. DOOMed_Amateur

    Front-end that works well with Steam Deck?

    Good idea. Could you please direct me to your preferred fork\version? Also, 'gamepad driven' is an excellent shorthand phrase for what I want. Definitely gonna use that in the future.
  3. Long time lurker and casual fan of the classics here. Seeking out a front-end that can be run via Proton (the Deck's Windows compatibility thingy) usably, since the two pre-existing Deck targetting ones (GZDeck and SSGL) are abandoned. I've also tried Luxtorpeda, but that seems to work far better in desktop mode. For actual interface, my personal preference is one that allows one to organize stuff into a folder hiearchy (e.g. vanilla, limit-removing, latest GZ build recommended, etc.). Or for Android phone owners, a GUI akin to Beloko's Delta Touch.
  4. Please nothing that more experienced\skilled people would consider to be of the 'Slaughter' type, no matter how gorgeous. I'd like to climb a (preferably pretty) slope with minimal risk of bashing into a wall. Mods, if this is more suited to 'WADs & Mods' feel free to move it. Oops.