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  1. warman2012

    Doom Streams

    This time is now 10 pm.
  2. warman2012

    How do I play WADs?

    OK, I guess I deserved this.
  3. warman2012

    How do I play WADs?

    I need a monster now.
  4. warman2012

    How do I play WADs?

    If you are aiming for just playing the IWADs aka (Doom or Doom 2), clicking gzdoom.exe is enough. Custom pwads need to either be loaded with the wad being dragged over the exe or loaded with an external file loader like ZDL.
  5. warman2012

    New Doom port cheevo lists

    I second this. They also should never have added achievements IMO. Doom at its core is pretty basic, what kind of achievements are you gonna get outside the secrets, level time completetion, and boss fites?
  6. warman2012

    Doom Streams

    Gonna be runnin Back to Saturn X Episode 2. Mod is to be decided then. 9PM Central Standard Time, United States. Click Dis to Watch Warman2019 *Times subject to change.
  7. warman2012

    Quakespasm doesnt work on my laptop(help!)

    OP, we have to know how you downloaded and attempted to start up Quakespasm. First thing to do would be to figure out if you have a 32 bit or 64 bit machine. To do this, go into the search bar in your windows start menu, or the Run option in the start menu if you are using an ancient WinDOWZ XP 4500 brick. Type in DXDiag, press enter, say no to the box that pops up, and you should look into the processor section of the next dialog box to see if its 32 bit or 64 bit. Next you are gonna want to take a batch of files with the ending .pak in them and place into Quakespasm's folder. I am not familiar with Quakespasm so I could be wrong. Somebody feel free to correct me. As for running that mod you mentioned, I cannot help you.
  8. Oh they most certainly do. Droning on and on about getting 10000 subscriptions and endless memberships to Fill Our Coffers Up Monthly couldn't possibly be enough. No, now we need to pander to the toxic fan bases of various cringy fandoms by carrying radioactive cancerous junk. (I'm looking at you Rick and Morty fans). I hope the Federal Trade Commission finds a way to put their ass out of business through finding out some shoddy business practice.
  9. How Gamestop is still standing with their borderline-sweatshop-esque policies towards employees and wildly skewed sense of used game trade-in values, is beyond my ability to comprehend. Weren't they both metaphorically bankrupt and actually bankrupt at some point?
  10. Ah the "cash in on nostalgia" cheap trick to drum up publicity for this counterfeit game, slapped with the beloved Half Life franchise name, called Alyx. What a shame, really, to know that Valve, in an attempt to gauge interest in this now graveyarded series, is gonna make a new game catered to VR, but which only 1% of Steam users have a VR set. Are they this serious to gauge interest in Half Life based on success in a very niche segment? How this game, with its writers and most of its former programmers gone, is going to be a success is anyone's guess.
  11. warman2012

    How do people get Jobs these days?

    Eh... Thing I could suggest is spam fuck the offices, camp out in the parking lots, and stalk the bosses (yes I know this is extreme, what can you do these days?). I always hear stories of teens and people in their 20s still living with Boomers being told to "Go talk to the hiring manager, keep going till you see someone." Ok, every once in a while I hear a "success story" where someone got lucky doing those things, but that was just it, pure luck. That tactic, while maybe viable at grocery stores and other minimum wage places, isn't going to jive in big cities with professional offices having 6 secretaries and possibly a security desk. The way it is, the only way you are going to get an interview is if they want you. You gotta go through the online filter wall these days. Boomers just don't get this, they think they know everything when they probably haven't had to look for a job since the 80's/90's. Do unconventional things like posting a professional video of yourself on Linkedin showcasing your skills, try advertising yourself while making cat and dog vids (they get millions of hits on youtube), panhandle in the streets asking for a job, or hell even do a GoFundme asking for a buck but really just asking for a job. Its unconventional stuff you gotta do these days to get in. Extreme, but true I am afraid...
  12. Because if Id continues to make games in the future in the same vein as D'16 and Eternal, then over time mapping would eventually at some point be more focused on mods like BD, D4T, and whatever Eternal cooks up. That is all the new players who seek to come to classic Doom are going to have a knowledge on and going to look for. The older generation isn't going to be here forever. I admittedly have no hard evidence for this last point, but in some ways, I believe Brutal Doom has already affected mapping with harder mapsets like slaughterwads and tougher mapsets like Ancient Aliens. Sure seems funny to me I can complete mapsets like AA and Super Mayhem 17 quite easily with BD or its cousin Project Brutality, but any other mod or straight vanilla, its tough as nails. Could be me, could be something else. Makes me wonder if BD was a design goal for these mappers. I also had a few of the people over at the Doomer Boards forum tell me their maps were based around Brutal Doom.
  13. Uh, no. Not the point. Its the less knowledgeable players of 90's Doom having to play maps having D2016-like elements, being coded in Dehacked or any Doom scripting language, be forced upon us because we cannot easily change Dehacked or other scripting languages. Some of us don't want to have to go through hours of coding knowledge to play a mapset the way we want to.
  14. Alright, I could go in depth as a part of the opposition why we don't like the change that the franchise has taken as of length, but I am gonna try not to write a full blown novel here. Tl.Dr: Some of us don't want Doom 2016 or Eternal's gameplay mechanics becoming the primary design reference for new mappers and thus preventing classic aka vanilla mapsets from being developed in the future. The new changes that the new "ID software" has placed are a big detriment to the classic fans on a more of a long term basis, both for those classic fans who want something new out of ID and those who want to keep a certain way of doing things back here on the 90s Doom side of things. Some people are admittedly overly autistic over little details and rage over that aspect of change, such as art direction. Others are more fixated on gameplay mechanics staying the same. I am for gameplay mechanics. See, 2016 and now Eternal have unfortunately taken inspiration from *shudders* Brutal Doom. This mod had shaken the community with both its detractors and its proponents. Brutal Doom changes the gameplay in every single way, from damage output, sounds, sprites, and difficulty. Because of this, the lifeblood of all Doom, new mapsets are designed for this disgusting mod only. For those who want vanilla, the weapon, ammo, and enemy placement for new maps designed for Brutal Doom would interfere with those who want the vanilla experience by making things unbalanced for vanilla play. Now are all mapsets that are coming out Brutal Doom focused? For now, no. Its the long term outlook which could influence the influx of new players aka mappers to eventually focus solely on Brutal Doom mapsets, thus making vanilla mapsets more rarer as time drags on. Doom Eternal brings fear of the silly art direction and mechanics such as stupid Batman grapple hook BS, constant arena lockdowns, and heroin-addict glory kill health system being forced upon us by way of mapsets being designed for D2 to only consider mods like Brutal Doom, D4T, or future Eternal-inspired mods. Look, new mappers who think D2016 IS the Doom experience will only design maps for Doom 2016 mods, i.e. with lots of low level monsters, little pickups, and constant lockdown arena battles. Mods like D4T rely on the glory kill mechanic for health and the chainsaw for ammo, so the low level monsters are now considered the new pickups with the mechanics for that mod. Vanilla players would find maps designed for D4T problematic because vanilla does not have the glory kill health system, thus little pickups to go on. Some of us don't wanna have to glory kill each enemy to stay alive and slow our game down. These new players/mappers will have no respect or foundation of the original games and only have D2016 and Eternal to reference from when map designing. The art aspect comes into play with such instances like custom monsters in new mapsets like Eviternity being coded in and vanilla players cannot easily change the mapset to be more of what they want because they do not know how to code effectively to remove the changes. I for one hate the Baron of Hell replacement in Eviternity and cannot change that and the pistol rate of fire. Does anyone think we want to have this forced upon us for Eviternity or any mapset for that matter? Now imagine this being the norm 5 years or even 10 years from now. Hell, it could happen a year from now. We do not know. This is why I and a lot of others primarily rage over the changes being seen for the new games. The old community will disappear and will potentially be replaced with these Doom 2016 guys who will change the content landscape for the worse in our eyes.
  15. warman2012

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    I just found it on Google typing in Doomguy gifs. I think, try also Doom gif.