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  1. Heh, today I was parking in my school parking lot, when all of a sudden outta nowhere comes this douche bag ricer driving a shitty neon with a fart pipe and those gay ass flickering lights. He gets outta his car and starts swearing at me yelling "why the Fuck did you flip me off those two times man?! you got some kinda problem man?!"

    He swore and i swore back. He wanted to fight. I would of decked the moron, but if i get in a fight this year, i can't graduate mid-year. Plus, i don't like fighting anyway, its for morons. I started making fun of his car and he got even more pissed until he finally just threatened to call the cops, beat me up, then kill me...what an idiot. he left after that. As he drove away, he pushed his little four banger's pedal to the ground, and I could here the back pressure from his stupid muffler-coffee-can-fart-pipe thing. it was fucking funny.

    just thought i share that with you dudes.

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    2. Job


      I <3 Volvos

      They're neat and boxy. I'd love to drive one of any make or year someday.

    3. Sephiroth


      what is with the sudden influx of ricer/car threads all of a sudden?

      every highschool is gonna have kids like that.
      i dont care what kind of car you have. its not gonna make your dick any bigger!

      i remember a friend saying that. most of the kids around here are not asses. however we did have a kid who was a complete dumbass. wrecked 4 cars in 2 years doing dumb shit, later he killed him self by hitting a pole trying to spin out or something. i have lost a few friends in racing or other car related mishaps. so i think the whole street racing pop-culutre thing really needs to die.

      its one thing to race at a track and another to do it on the streets where i live.

    4. MagnuM


      gatewatcher said:

      But you can just wash off Magnum body parts in a $14 car wash, it's a price I'm sure anyone is willing to pay.

      $14 dollars for a car wash?! Geeze that is expensive where you live. It's only about $5 here.