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  1. evilman

    Winmbf savegame problem/bug

    @grommile Hah, yeah chocolate is definitely the best when it comes to vanilla I just for some reason find winmbf more enjoyable, I might be crazy I dunno. :D @Edward850 Ok.
  2. evilman

    Winmbf savegame problem/bug

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, when I press 'y' it crashes :( Didn't move a thing, it's so weird... I just tried loading reverie.wad and it actually loads the save file I overwrote like 20 times playing requiem.wad, it's so weird... How is this even possible is beyond me. Edit: I think I saw the creator of this source port posting on these forums and build 3 was actually scheduled for 2010. If you're reading this, could you please update winmbf? The source port is so enjoyable and none of the other source ports can come near it when it comes to vanilla accuracy, not even chocolate doom honestly. And yes Eternity is fine but I find winmbf more enjoyable.
  3. evilman

    Winmbf savegame problem/bug

    Hi guys, I'm OCD when it comes to DOOM being vanilla as hell and I gotta say winmbf is one of the best source ports I used. However, I have bugs when it comes to savegame files. Like, everything works fine, but just recently I was playing requiem.wad and all of the sudden my 2 savegame files wouldn't load anymore, it says it's a different wad file, different wad version etc... What's the problem? Any way to fix this? I do realize not many people use this source port, but if you could help me with this, I'd really appreciate it, it says "reverie" but that's a wad I completed a while ago and overwrote the savegame file with reqiem.wad once I started playing requiem, the savegames worked fine and I got to map 15, 16 or something, and I got so pissed off because I can't continue... Here's a screenshot: