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  1. Dystopia-187

    So how far did you get on Ultra-Nightmare?

    It seems like Argent Tower is pretty darn hard for anyone else too! I’ve only made at as far as that first Mancubus fight. I decided to rush the dang demon with the super shotgun thinking he was ready for death... only for him to precisely time & pull his flame throwers. :( #console
  2. Dystopia-187

    DOOM Inspired Vehicle

    So this is my very first post on the forum for my very favorite game of all time! Anyways, I wanted to show off the custom sticker I got designed for my 1993 Chevrolet Silverado. I’m really trying to go for a 2016 Baron of Hell look, all of my interior/exterior lighting is green & red, with some glow in the dark stuff too. (ig pink would be more appropriate but it isn’t a tough color hah) Just putting this out there with the question, is there anyone else who’s Doomified their vehicle?! :))))) Here are the pictures of my old sticker, & the new one I’ve just replaced it with tonight. (it’s ultra-reflective) Let me know what ya’ll think!