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  1. ColorSphere

    PSX Doom/Doom 64 original HQ sound effects

    Good to see some activity on this thread. I´m quite busy right now because i got accepted to a programming course. It includes net development (Javascript,CSS,cloud services etc.) and reqular programming with C# and Java. Course has proved to be quite difficult and finishing homework and preparing for exams requires lot of my time. You can use my soundpack, but remember to credit me properly. Discord group is great idea. I´m joingin it when i can. There´s two things i particular we could try to solve as a team: investigating the pistol sound origin and coming with other ways than email to get in contact with Aubrey Hodges. I have sent several emails to him and PM on this forum. No answer so far. When i uploaded older version of this pack on GZDoom forums someone said that the pistol sound might be slowed down .357 firing sound. I have experimented a little bit with .357 sound with Audacitys pitch and tempo filters and i think it the resulting sound indeed has slight similarities to PSX pistol sound.
  2. ColorSphere

    The hi-res Doom sound pack is updated

    I found those sounds from Sound Ideas library. Same place where Per Kristian found PC Doom sounds. I´m not sure where that mp3 source tag comes from. I bought and downloaded those sounds in 44.1 khz stereo wav format. Btw, how did you construct that door sound?
  3. ColorSphere

    The hi-res Doom sound pack is updated

    Speaking of D64 sound effects, i have found original 44,1 khz sources of some sounds. Some sound need constructing. I´m not yet sure how to do it properly: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/107309-psx-doomdoom-64-original-hq-sound-effects/?tab=comments#comment-2004970
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hj27zkh8udg1t7w/psx n64 hq sfx 01072019.wad?dl=0 I managed to found some of original source sounds from Sound Ideas libraries in CD quality. Some sounds needed to be constructed and i didn´t get them to perfectly right. Description of some of the sounds source sounds: DSCLAW: Imp/Baron/H.knight scratching sound. Piece of fabric getting teared apart DSCYBDTH: Similar to PC version but with PSX/N64 explosion DSDOROPN: Door opening sound. This is one of those sound effects that has to be constructed. I don't know how do it yet, so i only adjusted it's duration to match the low quality version. I will try someday to make it more faithful. DSPSTART: Hydraulic lift. 16/44,1 version has lot of high frequency details that got lost during downsampling. When i first heard this, i wasn´t sure if this really was the original source recording. DSMETAL: Spider Masterminds walking sound. Thrashbin getting kicked. DSSGATK: Demon's attack sound. This sound comes from growling tiger. DSSKEACT: Revenant idle sound. This came from same sound file where PC version Imp sounds are. DSMANATK: Mancubus attack. Originates from snarling jaguar. DSBAREXP and DSFIREXPL: Regular and barrel explosion sounds. DSSPISIT: Spider Mastermind sightsound. Pig squealing mixed with quieter and slightly different version of Imp sight sound. I have to polish this more. DSLASER: I think i found the original source sound. It sounds quite similar. I have to do some more editing and researching. Since Aubrey Hodges is member on this forums it would be nice if he could help with this. I don´t have any clue how some of the sounds are filtered or constructed. I did post this earlier on ZDoom forums where members gave valuable information of possible sound sources -> https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=52877