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Status Updates posted by SayWhatOneMoreTime

  1. I'm confirming about what happened last sunday. What happened was so unexpected and i still can't wrap my mind up around what happened.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      What happened last Sunday? Out of the loop here

    2. BlindWrath


      This is his only other account i could get into since i logged out of the other one.


      Message me and i'll tell you.

  2. Guten nacht und die welt war nicht wunderbar.

  3. You're wasting your time.

    1. Gothic
    2. Xyzzy01
    3. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      I wasted everyone's time and i also wasted mine.

  4. It's so calm at night, especially when it's raining...

  5. Everyone know's i'm next...

  6. I don't know what to do anymore, i'm bored and tired of working on this wad.

    1. Xyzzy01


      Release it as is and make part 2 when you feel like it 😉

    2. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      The wad itself still has a lot that needs to be done to it before i can even think of making a second part.

    3. Xyzzy01


      Ah, well just take a break then. Don't force yourself to work if you're not feeling it.

  7. I'm tired. I've been tired for so many year's.

    1. Deleted_Account


      Have an espresso.

    2. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      I would make a joke but i don't feel like it.

    3. Deleted_Account


      You’re alright.

  8. Fuck everything.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Deleted_Account


      Turn that frown upside down. Think of the happier times from before.

    3. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      What 'happier times'?

    4. Deleted_Account


      So think of the OK times. Not necessarily the best of times but far from the worst of times.

  9. Verdammt, why can't doom builder just cooperate with me today?

  10. Once i'm done with these three wads or whatever the hell you want to call them i'll finally be at peace with both myself and from this game.

    1. Deleted_Account


      You’ll be OK?

    2. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      Sometimes making/working on wads can be both stressful and boring. I only plan on working on three more wads and maybe another one then quitting.

  11. Therapy didn't help, medication didn't help. Nothing will help, i will always be like this. I don't want help if nothing will fix me.

    1. Deleted_Account
    2. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      I went to a therapist for my depression and other mental problems i have and i was given medication to try and fix/help me with those problems but they didn't work, well they did but only for a short time. If nothing will fix me then i don't want to be helped.

  12. Happiness is only real when shared....

    1. Deleted_Account
    2. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      I know other's are going to disagree with me and i don't really care because these are my views. Not their's. Happiness is never really real if you're only happy, if you're happy and someone else is happy then it's real.

  13. I hate microsoft with a burning passion right now.

  14. Would releasing half made wads be okay? Like honestly, these wads are becoming too much for me to deal with and causing me too much stress even if they release some of my anger and stress it makes me more stressed and angry, if that makes sense. Maybe someone would finish the wads and claim them as their own, I don't know.

    1. Memfis


      Are there any finished\playable maps?

    2. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      There's a couple that are somewhat playable, both just don't have any monsters in them yet.

  15. I need to release these wads soon but since i'm so lazy I don't feel like taking screenshots or saying which port to use.

  16. Die welt ist nicht gut und ich werde mache dich verletzt

  17. Well I guess if I want my computer to work I have to get rid of the thing's I always wanted the most. Damn.

  18. Everything good that comes my way goes away in the end. If there really is a 'god' then he has a funny cruel f#cking way to f#ck with me. No more making wads or doing anything on my computer anymore, just kill me now god.

  19. Welp, my computer is starting to die. Just what I needed, I suppose I could sell my soul for another computer but I don't think my worthless life is worth any money at all. Maybe a paperclip.

  20. I really need to get these wads done.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      I'm working on too many right now and the problem isn't that I don't feel like working on them it's just that I don't know how build the rest of the wad and I don't want to make the whole map the same and make it extremely bland or beyond boring or too easy/hard to play.

    3. Catpho


      Just CREATE it! Im having kinda the same problem too, but im hoping to get rid of it!

      Treat it as a game for fun :)

    4. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      I just wanted to know something. If I gave you the wad to test would you give me some feedback on what I should and shouldn't do to the wad? Like monsters and other thing's, for example: I'm afraid I have too many healthkits and not enough ammo for who ever plays the wad to get through to the end.

  21. Really though, doombuilder can be a total b*tch at times.

  22. Honestly though, the Yankees f#cking suck when they're up against the red sox.



  23. Just a small glimpse of something I'm working on.


    Also thanks to my friend andrea for getting the boxes to work instead of not appearing when testing the wad itself.


    EDIT: By the way if anyone doesn't know what it is, it's supposed to be an elevator but I'm not that good at making them and plus I don't know how to lower/raise floors, yet.