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  1. I really need to get these wads done.

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    2. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      I'm working on too many right now and the problem isn't that I don't feel like working on them it's just that I don't know how build the rest of the wad and I don't want to make the whole map the same and make it extremely bland or beyond boring or too easy/hard to play.

    3. Catpho


      Just CREATE it! Im having kinda the same problem too, but im hoping to get rid of it!

      Treat it as a game for fun :)

    4. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      I just wanted to know something. If I gave you the wad to test would you give me some feedback on what I should and shouldn't do to the wad? Like monsters and other thing's, for example: I'm afraid I have too many healthkits and not enough ammo for who ever plays the wad to get through to the end.