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  1. doomer

    Top 10 WADS Ever????

    icarus dark7 dark7mpk dissolution vrack 2 ltsd007 fragport AV underworld maybe area51
  2. doomer

    Weird monster

    what about that... guy...
  3. doomer

    "Barbershop" Doom II

    Plasma gun=mowing machine BFG9000=Washing machine
  4. doomer

    When you first met the Cyber Demon...

    on map08 doom2. I saw it. whhhhhhhhooooooooaaaaa....!!!! Then it shoted to barons. Happy end
  5. doomer

    Favorite Port

    zdoom, zdoom, zdoom, z...! eee... or jdoom or legacy :)
  6. doomer

    Who would win...

    If tyson eat imp's ear then Imp will eat Tyson. :)
  7. doomer

    Skulltag release TOMORROW!!!

    me me me me me!
  8. doomer

    Best ZDoom Wads ever

    I forgot slipgate
  9. doomer

    Best ZDoom Wads ever

    1-dark7 2-dark7 mpk1 3-dissolution 4-007: LTSD 5-NJZD2001
  10. doomer

    Programming question

    hardest? I think C and C++
  11. doomer

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    uh... this thread is too long do read. I will post reply maybe in april...
  12. doomer

    Why I cant spell

    Polish :) Ex. Do you want play DOOM? = Czy chcesz zagraæ w DOOMa? or W Szczebrzeszynie chrz±szcz brzmi w trzcinie I do'nt translate this last. It's too difficult
  13. doomer

    Super Sonic Screenies

    Ganz toll
  14. doomer

    zDOOM launcher by doomer

    Ok. Next versions will be these sugestions. ooh... It wad wriened in Delphi 6. Next version will be (I think so) at the end of march because i have got too much exams and I will work only in weekends.