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  1. SOSU

    Didn't want to get off topic on your thread so i'm gonna link some videos here C:



    1. BJ34


      Very interesting.

    2. BJ34


      I'm tatar. Some tatars are like a european people. And I'm from this group.

    3. SOSU


      Yeah the turkic people are very different depending on region,basically up north they look slavic,in the east they look east asian,in the south they look middle eastern and in anatolia the turks look more south slavic,albanian and greek (i tend to define us albanians and greek as a larger "Hellenic" group due to being simmiliar,being ancient civilizations that traded a lot,we where in the roman empire for a long time and also since i don't belive that two ethic groups with claims on each others land that know of each other for thousands of years can't be not ethnically related just because both languages are language isolates)