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  1. In 2008 I was getting a New Year's gift. It was a DVD with games. In one side there were a new games (most of them were a thrash), in another side there were an old games for DOS and Windows 9x. One of the new games from this disk was a puzzle game for children (it named Electric Eddie). But in this game was a strange thing. It has an unchildish music. Something like a darkwave or coldwave. I was surprised. I don't know who's author and why he decided to put depressing music to game for children. Here's original OST from this game 5 years later I decided to make an experiments with these music tracks by Goldwave. And voila, I turned depression music to oldschool rap: And 4 years later I experimented with video and VHS effects in Sony Vegas. And that's what happened.
  2. Taw Tu'lki


    Mmm, looks so tasty.
  3. Taw Tu'lki

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    Prepare for exams.
  4. Taw Tu'lki

    DOOM map from 7 year old me

    Very interesting.
  5. Taw Tu'lki

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Some synthwaves by me
  6. Taw Tu'lki

    Which game's soundtrack is your favorite?

    Doom 1-2 Terraria Starcraft Wolfenstein 3D Stardew Valley
  7. Taw Tu'lki

    How do you deal with a bad day?

    Internet and only internet. And sometimes good games, good music and good films.
  8. Taw Tu'lki

    Charcoal Drawing of SWGARG1

    Cool imp
  9. Taw Tu'lki

    Scooby Doom?

    LOL. It brings to mind a dream I had when I was an 8 years old: "Scooby-Doo and his team walked in the MAP19 of Final TNT and killed some monsters. Suddenly they found a truck with UAC-logo (you remember that truck with a red key) and then started to think about do the next. Then the dream was interrupted by some sort of chocolate advertisement with a freak that looks like a dinosaur from Chewits. Freak said: "Of course, not Dummas-Shmumas".
  10. Taw Tu'lki

    Minimal Doom Logo T-Shirt

    Good T-Shirt.
  11. Taw Tu'lki

    Most recent movie you saw

    Today I watched a Pulp Fiction. Good film as an another films by Tarantino.
  12. Taw Tu'lki

    Random Image Thread

    When I have a session
  13. Taw Tu'lki

    How did you come up with your username?

    I was interested in turkic languages (and panturkism) for 2 years ago. So, I came up with a name that composed of two words. "Taw" in turkic language (mainly Kypchak) means "mountain", and "tu'lki" means "fox". So, that means "Mountain Fox". In some sites i registered as a "dagtilki" but that word also turkic (Oguz languages, for example, Turkish) and means the same thing.
  14. Taw Tu'lki

    What are you listening to?

    Reminds me song "Bad boys"
  15. With this video I started to get acquainted with YouTube. It was 10 years ago.