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Taw Tu'lki

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Status Updates posted by Taw Tu'lki

  1. Savaş! Savaşı hiç değişmiyor!

  2. Ben türkçe öğreniyorum!

  3. Why Haley from Curly The Littlest Puppy and Emery Elizabeth from Magic Gift Of The Snowman look like an Alice and Slavya from Everlasting Summer in childhood?

  4. I've watched JJBA: Diamond is Unbreakable. It was cool, but not so cool as a Golden Wind.

  5. I've watched GOLDEN WIND. It was so cool, so attractive and characters were so beautiful, so lovely. Ari ari. Yare Yare Daze. 

  6. I've watched all 3 parts of Jojo.

    The last part, Stardust Crusaders, was the most attractive and the most exciting. I love it.


    1. Ichor


      All 3? You still have two more parts left to go.

    2. Taw Tu'lki

      Taw Tu'lki

      Now, I'm watching Golden Wind

    3. AD_79


      don't skip part 4 yo

  7. I installed Windows 98 on my old PC from 2003.

  8. I have just deleted Windows XP on my old PC and installed Windows 98. Because my old PC is good for old games, MIDI creating, writing and many things, but bad for internet surfing. Also, when I used XP last time, it was working sooooo slow. 

    Maybe, I will install Windows 95 on my old PC instead Windows 98? Or maybe MS-DOS?

  9. I'm gonna learn serbian language

  10. I'm gonna watch Jojo and Star vs Force of Evil.

  11. What you think about my new avatar?

    1. StormCatcher.77


      Stylish and minimalistic. Looking good for me.

    2. Taw Tu'lki
  12. My old nickname is BJ34 if you know. Now I'm changed my nickname.

  13. I'm searching for a good WAD (preferably megawad) that must meet the following requirements:

    1) Many blue tones (preferable dark blue);

    2) Neogothic or gothic style;

    3) Supports GZDoom, Zdoom and PrBoom.

    I'll be grateful.

  14. The second language that I learn after English is French. I want to say that French language is more difficult than English in terms of pronunciations (I'm Russian if you know). But I love it. My daddy learned it when he was a student like me now.

    Somebody says that most popular language in the world now is Chinese and I should to start to learn it. Yes, you're right. But I want to say that in my university no course of Chinese. Only two additional languages: German and French. In additional, I think that this language the most difficult in the world. Fortunately, the second popular language in the world is Japanese. And I want to say that Japanese language is my favourite. But, again, there is no course of Japanese in my university. But that not problem. Maybe I should learn this language by myself.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Tbh learning languages ""by yourself"" isn't really effective, especially if you actually need the language. Especially if the language is convoluted af like Chinese or Japanese. 

      Especially if especially if especially if esp if esp if 



      I'd recommend you to find a "language school" in your city. Ufa, right? It's fairly close to China IIRC so there should be at least a Chinese school and maybe Japanese too, no? 


      If it's for fun tho, feel free to become a weeb waste of oxygen and learn Japanese that way 

    3. Chopkinsca


      I saw a video, but I can't remember much from it. The guy learned Japanese by watching Japanese TV shows like sitcoms. I think he was trying to make the point that just studying the translation of nouns/verbs, etc, isn't actually a great way to learn a new language. 

    4. Taw Tu'lki

      Taw Tu'lki

      Thx for advice

  15. Congratulation me. I have gone to the university. On the budgetary basis.

  16. My desire to install Linux woke up again but now only for old PC. I don't want to do it even for my old PC from the end of 90s. But that desire doesn't give me rest. I don't want to do it. I WANT TO FORGET A LINUX LIKE A NIGHTMARE.

  17. My character. Made in Furry Creator and IbisPaint X.



  18. I want to have a long haircut. But my parents are against of this. 

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      "You're a MAN, for god's sake! Have you ever seen a MAN with long hair???"

    2. Taw Tu'lki

      Taw Tu'lki


      I want to that hair:


    3. BigDickBzzrak


      "When you're 18, you'll be able to do whatever you want! Until then, live as we say!"


      Uh, longer hair requires genuine care, though. I'm not sure if you'd be willing to put in the necessary effort.

      For a while I had slightly longer hair than I do now (kinda like a 70s rock star), aaaaand I wasn't willing to put in the necessary care. Looking at my pics from that time (about a year ago), I look like a Yeti, lol.

  19. In case of important negotiations (you can use it for memes or another things):

    I'm very glad to see you have arrived

    Amazing miracle hear amazing

    Sweets Me

  20. Yesterday I tasted the fish, I hadn't eaten it before because I hated a fish. And vain. Because It was so delicious.
    And today I've just tasted the sushi. Oh, it's so delicious. Maybe I should to eat sushi and rolls instead burgers, burritos and another fast food that I eat. 

  21. I created MIDIs (sometimes convert to mp3 by Cubase) for Doom and another games in 10 music styles: 

    1) Hard Rock;

    2) Heavy Metal;

    3) Post-punk;

    4) Classic;

    5) Rap;

    6) Synth Pop

    7) Jazz;

    8) New Age;

    9) Anime music;

    10) Gothic.

    Because I love a variety in music. 

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      You call all that music? I see only 4 genres there. 

  22. I hate all radikals.

    I hate radikal communists, radikal monarchists, anarchists, conservators, leftists, rightists, feminists (this does not apply to normal feminists) and anothers "ists". I feel no differents between radikal leftists and radikal rightists. They're all identical. So I prefer to be neutral in politic, orientation and another things. I'm not left, I'm not right, I'm not communist, I'm not monarchist, I'm not anarchyst, I'm not conservator. I'm a HUMAN.

  23. I have just installed Windows 10. Because my notebook can work normal only with Windows 10.

  24. I've just reinstall my Windows. I did not sleep all night

    1. StormCatcher.77


      I remembered school days right away ... I have not reinstalled OS for so long that it seems like I forgot how it's to do. Sometimes, Windows is amazingly stable ...: 3

    2. Memfis