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  1. I want to have a long haircut. But my parents are against of this. 

    1. bzzrak


      "You're a MAN, for god's sake! Have you ever seen a MAN with long hair???"

    2. Taw Tu'lki

      Taw Tu'lki


      I want to that hair:


    3. bzzrak


      "When you're 18, you'll be able to do whatever you want! Until then, live as we say!"


      Uh, longer hair requires genuine care, though. I'm not sure if you'd be willing to put in the necessary effort.

      For a while I had slightly longer hair than I do now (kinda like a 70s rock star), aaaaand I wasn't willing to put in the necessary care. Looking at my pics from that time (about a year ago), I look like a Yeti, lol.