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Taw Tu'lki

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  1. Taw Tu'lki

    Do you believe in VPN??

    Use it to watch a porn and for Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.
  2. Taw Tu'lki

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    West Adventure 1994
  3. Taw Tu'lki

    Post a picture...that you took

    Found a bat at home October 11th.
  4. Taw Tu'lki

    Most recent movie you saw

    Cats Don't Dance. One of my favourite cartoon.
  5. Taw Tu'lki

    Random Image Thread

  6. Taw Tu'lki

    How to export MIDIs from various wads to wav files

    I use FL Studio. I took from wads midi and convert to wav.
  7. Taw Tu'lki

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    U maza... oh sorry guys. I can't sing it in this forum.
  8. Taw Tu'lki

    I hate twitch

    Never used it.
  9. Taw Tu'lki

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    I checked an one YouTube channel that based on adding some rare and unidentified songs. Barni The videos in his channel are all sorts of pictures taken from the Internet, sometimes a slideshow of one picture, accompanied by an unidentified song. Unidentified songs are marked as "Unknown artist - help identify". Users, if they suddenly know, write comments under the video and name the song. As a result, the name of the video is changed to some symbol. It can be a name, word "solved" or some symbols like a bannan or strawberry.
  10. Taw Tu'lki

    Merry Christmas Doomworld!

    Merry Christmas, dear friends. Hello from... Bashkortostan. Kaderle Duslar.
  11. Taw Tu'lki

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Crossover of Among Us and Doom
  12. Taw Tu'lki

    Random Image Thread

  13. Taw Tu'lki

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Oh, you're elder.
  14. Taw Tu'lki

    Scientists prove that AAA gaming sucks.

    All modern games are suck
  15. Taw Tu'lki

    I Have Found Pinball2.mid !!!!!!!!

    Amazing. In XP version there were no midies - only one.
  16. Taw Tu'lki

    what is happening in your dreams?

    I dreamed that I decided to do one wad. I mean, make wads according to the first DooM. I used an old PC, took Doombuilder, and the first thing I decided to do was pull resources out of one mod. I wanted to make a mod where everything happens in a hospital. I pull out. I'm looking at textures. On one of them I see a big doomer, on the other - some text in Russian. And then I don't remember anything. No, further I find myself on the bank of the river, I see an island, there someone is using a buoy for ignition.
  17. Taw Tu'lki

    Post your Favorite GIFS

  18. Taw Tu'lki

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    Wanna find an original photo that was used as a photo of Jeff the Killer.
  19. Taw Tu'lki

    Actually good movies!

    Not movie, anime. But actually good. Spy X Family. Anime about relationship between spy and killer. Both don't known about their job. But only their child. That also can read a thoughts.
  20. Taw Tu'lki

    What Are We Drinking?

  21. Taw Tu'lki

    Worst color conbination

    Everything which turns to brown.