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  1. Damn dude, that sucks. I hope everything turns out alright.
    Very solid maps. Not incredibly fond of the ambush-y stuff, especially towards the end when it started to get tiring. The map layouts were superb, and the music choices were fitting. Good effort.
  2. I assume that Hell Knights have to be normal Doom 2 Hell Knights to count.
  3. Imps. Imps can be popcorn enemies you can kill off in groups with a Rocket Launcher or a BFG. Imps can be tanks if you only have a pistol. Imps can be long-range nuisances up on ledges. Imps even have limited melee capabilities. They are essentially the jack-of-all-trades monster, which is why they are so common in the original IWADs and most PWADs.
  4. You are in for some fun times my friend. Fun times indeed.
  5. Okay, instead of whining about that here, how about you make a Pain Elementoward and give Waterlab GZD that? Should mean just as much if the Cacowards are as vapid as you claim they are.
  6. I like how Cacodemons fall out of the air and splat on the ground like rotten tomatoes. Spider Masterminds are a close second.
    "It can't possibly be THAT bad." -Me, an hour ago. hee hee, I hoep you liek arch-vils :))) Ammo absolutely everywhere. Sometimes there are rows and rows of unnecessary Ammo and Medikits. You get the BFG9000 in fucking map02 and there's no reason to switch from it after you get it. The new sounds for the Former Human enemies are atrocious. They sound like they're making silly faces for a baby when they're supposed to be dying. Level design is boring and repetitive. Some of the switches are broken and you can exit the level through a few of the entrance sigils. Arch-Vile encounters are not scary/intimidating the 20th time you repeat them. No monster is intimidating when they're bunched up ass-to-crotch with 15 other monsters. I can see the Rocket Launcher Zombies working if they were properly introduced and not thrown at you in groups outta nowhere. These ones suck for that reason. The BFG guys can fuck off though. Extreme high speed and rapid-fire BFG shots. What on Earth was the author thinking? How are you expected to fight them without cheating? There are Terry enemies fairer than this. Why do the Lost Souls sound like Lo Wang with a cold Why do the Cacodemons sound like Lo Wang with a cold What have the Mancubi done to deserve what the author did to them? I get it, killing Barons and Cybies makes you feel like a badass. I don't need Duke Nukem or Arnie to tell me that. The music is super distracting and unfitting. I burst out laughing when the Duke3D music started playing. Plutonia 3? You think this is worthy of being called Plutonia 3?? Fuck right off with that. If it was called something else I wouldn't even be mad. Really the name is what inspired me to write this clusterfuck of a review.
  7. It's... It's beautiful.
  8. Twas a simpler time, laddie.
  9. Just turned 18 a few months ago.
  10. The artstyle genuinely reminds me of New Super Mario Bros.
  11. I'm not as dead-set against Terry WADs as most people. I have a juvenile sense of humor, and I enjoy a good troll WAD (occasionally, mind you). But the ones that mess with your settings can fuck RIGHT off. Takes me forever to fix that shit.
  12. Not to be a bother, but could you give us a basic gist of what happens in these books?
  13. Same here. Second-best FPS of all time in my book.