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  1. TurrboAnklet

    Memorable Mapnames

    Pandemonium (E3M3) because it's name is a stealth pun.
  2. Yeah, it's just your imagination. You are acting pretty childish yourself. Also, don't use BD as an ebil scary boogeyman for people that disagree with the things that you post.
  3. TurrboAnklet

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

  4. TurrboAnklet

    I beat Doom 2!

    I'm gonna use this opportunity to proclaim: Fuck Nirvana, FUCK Barrels O' Fun, and fuck 'episode 3' of Doom 2 in general. Edit: Monster Condo is okay tho.
  5. TurrboAnklet

    Will there ever be a decent 3D model pack?

    Somewhat off-topic, but I really hope someone makes 3D models based on Classic Doom (for Workshop or something) one day. I would do it if I had talent.
  6. TurrboAnklet

    Ugliest Monster

    The Arch-Vile looks so much cooler in low-res because there's a whole lot of ambiguous bits you can interpret to be anything (fire in your case). I always thought he looked like an emaciated gray alien. His irl physical model looks so dopey and disappointing. This texture makes him look much better:
  7. TurrboAnklet

    Happy New Year

    I wonder how many more of these we have left.
  8. TurrboAnklet

    More accurate difficulty level names

    1. I'm too old to live! 2. Hey, not rough enough! 3. Hurt me scarcely 4. Ultra-Pacifism 5. Daydream!
  9. I know that some of the textures from 1 aren't included in 2, but I was wondering if there were other changes.
  10. TurrboAnklet

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Barons and Hell Knights twitch their left hoof a little after they die. It's a little sad.
  11. TurrboAnklet

    Is The Sound Necessary?

    I could probably actually do this at this point.
  12. TurrboAnklet

    Is The Sound Necessary?

    Seconding this. Lets me catch up on podcasts and murder hellspawn simultaneously.
  13. TurrboAnklet

    Level design tropes you dislike

    I think like 75% of my deaths overall have been from surprise chaingunners.
  14. Damn dude, that sucks. I hope everything turns out alright.
  15. TurrboAnklet


    Very solid maps. Not incredibly fond of the ambush-y stuff, especially towards the end when it started to get tiring. The map layouts were superb, and the music choices were fitting. Good effort.