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  1. You know what... you've got a point. I think the mess will have cleared up in a month or so... I'll delay the due date as such. I don't want this to die.
  2. As usual, the question's in the title: What causes the screenshot, the "End Normal" line special to cut directly to the credits, and "MAP NAME" to appear on the ENDMAP screen? Furthermore, how do I change the "Map Name" text to the name I'd actually like to use? This all happened after I inserted a script to raise a ceiling and lower a floor at different rates, is it related somehow? google drive link to the .wad without external resources The End Normal line is in the highlighted area.
  3. Well... this isn't a good look, but due to some recent family events, I'm not able to manage this project anymore, but I will be able to finish my map. Sorry about that, folks. Would anyone want to take over?
  4. Basically, the question is in the title. I'm in the middle of designing a map, and realizing that the default doom 2 sky doesn't quite work, I'm trying to change it. Yet, I can't find where the Sky texture is defined. Where would that be, in the TEXTMAP lump? (I've tried using ctrl-F, but every sector in my map has F_SKY1 as its ceiling, so I haven't found it yet.)
  5. I'd have to agree with everyone else on here, that Arch-Viles,Revenants, Imps, and Chaingunners are the most versatile, with the Spider Mastermind being the least. However, iirc Dwango5 used the Cyberdemon as a sort of map hazard in one of its maps, so I'm willing to bet a similar use could be found for the mastermind in a deathmatch map.
  6. I figured that everyone would do a skybox that would fit their theme. I'm doing an in-map one myself,because I'm an idiot who can't figure out how to change the skybox texture in UDMF because I liked the idea of an incredibly foggy map. I'm noticing a trend in everyone else's progress that you're all going for a more slaughtermap approach... maybe I should reconsider my "basically just an extremely hard standard doom level" design. Also @Percival232 don't worry about your own progress or relative success at the moment. I've only had one release that went basically unnoticed on here, so I'm sure there's mappers of basically all levels involved with this project.
  7. No need to apologize, I hadn't thought of a lot of these questions myself. 1)The only requirement is that there's 150 hell knights, so if you go over, that's perfectly fine. 2)Co-Op support is mandatory (and I will update the OP as such), but Deathmatch is up to the author of the map, but if you plan on doing deathmatch support, I'd say that you should provide a second version for a separate Deathmatch release. 3)No limits on size, or complexity of geometry.
  8. There's nothing like realizing halfway through making your map that you've drifted away from your initial theme of a open pit mine into a swampy, overgrown facility. I'm not sure how it happened, either.
  9. I'm both horrified and impressed. EDIT: How long until this ends up on the doom.txt account?
  10. After spending a while detailing and refining the gameplay of the core area, I realized that, unsurprisingly, the JoM swamp textures look good when you add a pale green-gray fade to the whole thing. I'm quite liking how it's turning out so far... I just have to actually make some sort of gameplay on the outer rings,and add the other 120 Hell Knights I'm missing.
  11. Yeah, that's fine. It's not an area the player will be physically in, so go nuts.
  12. 1)Honestly, the symmetry of your map is up to you. I myself started from a rotationally symmetrical layout, and am slowly making it so the player has to cover the whole map. 2)As long as the player gets the one megasphere sometime in the normal gameplay flow, it's acceptable.
  13. I'm liking it! Reminds me of Sky Deck. Glad to see your progress!
  14. Yeah, the 150 hell knights have to be the vanilla hell knights. However, there's no longer a monster limit, and I'm putting together a collection of custom monsters (basically every baron bodytype monster on realm667) to link to in the OP. However, it's finals week for me, so I may take a day or two to put it together. Oh, I am liking this.
  15. 1. I'm very impressed with how this looks so far. 2. Is it going to be a series of gondolas on the bottom of the zeppelin?