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  1. I know this is vague as all hell, but I remember a .wad that I greatly enjoyed... but the only detail I remember is that one of the maps had a midi version of Blur's Song 2 as the music, and that it was probably some sort of community project. Anyone have any idea what this wad's name is? video for reference
  2. Demo 3 Released! Will you survive the choking dust of Ceti's dust storms?
  3. still working on this, but I was testing it and I really liked how this looked so i figured i'd post a picture of it
  4. How about DWOMP:Doomworld O-Mega Project EDIT: I am wondering the same thing as @YukiHerz
  5. Nice! I can definitely work with these rules. Shame that it's not the official DWMP that's allowing any kind of map this time. GZDoom features, ho! EDIT: Would having my map done within the next two weeks be in bad taste?
  6. Bump for a new release- I sure hope I'm not breaking any rules by doing this
  7. That's the d1 episode 3 skybox, iirc
  8. Just gonna leave these here. Currently working on a 7-10 map set with these, and almost entirely new textures, along with custom monsters, weapons, and royalty free music courtesy of the internet's favorite composer, Kevin MacLeod. EDIT: uWu whats this (it's shameless self promotion that's what)
  9. Given that there's a variety of editors for a variety of things relating to doom modding and mapping, I'm interested in hearing why you (yes, YOU) use the specific tools you use. Prefer one map editor over another? Have a specific program you like to use for making textures? Anything! I just want to know why you've chosen to work with the specific editor set you use. Myself, I'm not too talented a coder or an artist, so for the most part I only use GZDoom Builder and SLADE 3. I've grown to rely on the variety of little tricks here and there that GZDoom Builder has over DB2, particularly the full support for GZDoom's full host of features. SLADE is a bit of a no-brainer in my opinion, seeing how useful it is in .wad managing, particularly textures.
  10. I'll still participate, but knowing the format ahead of time is usually pretty helpful :)
  11. @JimmyThank you for all the feedback... there are radsuits in map02, right next to the spiral staircase. They're pretty poorly marked, though. I should probably make it a room you have to go through to get to the exit that has them. I wasn't part of JoM... I just... sort of nicked the textures because they looked neat. I'll be sure to participate in the next one, though. If you happened to have jom5credits.txt or a link to it, I'd greatly appreciate that.
  12. Well, I'm interested, but is there somewhere I can find the rules listed? I'd like to avoid my mistake from Eagle 10. It seems like a good way to spend a saturday.
  13. Ah! I knew I wasn't the first person to think of the phrase. Trust me though, there's more on the way.
  14. Description:On the surface of Ceti-Phi 889, a priceless resource flows like water:Fuel Gel. You've been sent in by the blah blah who cares or even bother taking this seriously it's a levelset just go kill the damn demons SCREENSHOTS: Format:GZDoom UDMF, tested in GZDoom 3.2.4 only Maps:MAP01-MAP03 currently DIfficulty: Only Ultra-Violence is currently supported, and no plans for any other exist at this time. Credits (also inside the .wad itself): DEMO 2 Changelog DEMO 3 CHANGELOG DOWNLOAD (Google Drive) See also: As always, feedback is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Please.
  15. Thank you. I just came off a project where I used spawnspot instead of Thing_Spawn, so I forgot how the naming conventions worked.