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  1. Is it possible to add values to arrays through a script? Like how you use name ArrayName.add(value) on java, or ArrayName.append[] on Python?
  2. I have over 90 ambient sounds in my map. Doesn't appear like there is a limit
  3. Hey! I made a pretty complex map with a lot of ACS scripting. After realizing that my map became too big, I decided to split things up into multiple maps. The problem is that there are certain scripts and integer variables from map01 that also need to work on map02. Ofcourse I can just copy & paste the same code into Map02, but that would be highly impractical since I then have to go through all the maps in my WAD to update the code one by one. I am well known with Java, Python and other languages, so dont hold back on technical talk. ACS is just quite new for me. TLDR: How do I male one ACS scripting file global across all the maps in my WAD?