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  1. Hey all! For the last couple of days i've been working on an arena level for my Doom-based game where you fight against enemy waves. I use ACS scripting that executes a While-Loop. At every loop, a monster spawns at a random mapspot from a certain tag range until a certain kill count has been reached, or until the maximum number of monsters allowed in the map is reached. As expected, this gets the job done. However, it doesnt care about the player's position. Monsters will often spawn right behind you, which is not what I want to happen. I'm quite familiar with programming, but I cannot figure out an algorithm that prevents monsters from spawning nearby the player. Is there a way to, for example, disable map spots when the player is nearby? If so, how is this achieved? Thanks in Advance!
  2. Nexxtic

    Using custom variables in SBARINFO (HUD)

    Yeah I tried that, it didnt work. Problem is already fixed :) It's now a Decorate inventory class that can be used in SBARINFO. That fixed the problem for me. Thanks though!
  3. But why downgrade from the awesome single player mobility and gameplay? Why not just have multiple doomslayers run around the level? Reducing gameplay just to have something make sense is a bad idea for a Doom game.
  4. A mode where you play as a regular marine after having kickass gameplay as the Doom Slayer in the single player campaign? No thanks. I like my super speed, double jump, glory kills and meathook. I prefer them to just stay extremely old skool with this; have two doomslayers run around. No explaination whatsoever.
  5. Hey guys, I've been working on a mod for about a year now. And recently I decided to get busy with the HUD system The basic functionality of the HUD is working flawlessly right now. However, I do have one problem. My mod uses a portable medkit system. Basically whenever you pickup a special medkit item, you can carry it with you and consume it with Z (Exactly like F.E.A.R, if any of you played that game). This is all done through ACS right now. You pick one up, ACS increments the "global int 6: medkits" by one. I want this variable to be displayed on the HUD. But I have no clue on how to do it. // HEALTHPACKS DrawImage "HHPAC", -700 +center, -185, center; DrawNumber 3, digifont_large1, LIGHTBLUE, GlobalVar 6, Alignment(right), whennotzero, -535+center, -153; This is what I currently have. However, this and many other attempts didnt work. Could someone point me toward the right direction? Because I know it's possible. The UDV Hud uses many custom variables but I have no idea where they originate from.
  6. Nexxtic

    Changing the location of pickup messages

    Anyone else knows how to achieve this?
  7. Hey all, I was wondering how I can change the position of the pickup messages. You know, those messages you see at the top left corner after picking up an item? I'm quite familiar with the file structure of Doom, yet I fail to find a way to change the location Kind regards
  8. Hello, This is the first time that I'm working with SBARINFO. A friend of mine made an entire HUD system for me and currently i'm trying to implement it. It went well, until I realised that once the resolution is changed, things end up getting messy. Good Version: Bad Version: The files are all in 1920x1080 resolution, but I doubt that that is the problem since i've seen other HUD overlays with high resolutions that scaled flawlessly. The SBARINFO currently looks like this. What am I doing wrong? // HUD BASIC CONFIGURATION Base Doom; Height 0; Resolution 512, 320; StatusBar Fullscreen, FullscreenOffsets { DrawImage "HHEALTH", -10, 90; DrawImage "HUD0", 0, 0; }
  9. Nexxtic

    Adding Text Memo's to a map

    Useful, thanks!
  10. Nexxtic

    Adding Text Memo's to a map

    Hello, Me and a couple of friends have been working on a WAD for almost over a year now. I was wondering if it's possible to add some sort of Text Log system (Example: like the original Unreal game where you could approach an object / book, and a bunch of text came on screen explaining the contents of that book). Currently i'm using an ACS script that creates HUDMESSAGES and places it on the left side of the screen displaying the text. But I was wondering if there is a better way to do this by, for example, having a container placed around it. I've seen it in other wads before but I forgot which ones. Could anyone point me towards the right direction?
  11. Is it possible to add values to arrays through a script? Like how you use name ArrayName.add(value) on java, or ArrayName.append[] on Python?
  12. Nexxtic

    Ambient sound?

    I have over 90 ambient sounds in my map. Doesn't appear like there is a limit
  13. Hey! I made a pretty complex map with a lot of ACS scripting. After realizing that my map became too big, I decided to split things up into multiple maps. The problem is that there are certain scripts and integer variables from map01 that also need to work on map02. Ofcourse I can just copy & paste the same code into Map02, but that would be highly impractical since I then have to go through all the maps in my WAD to update the code one by one. I am well known with Java, Python and other languages, so dont hold back on technical talk. ACS is just quite new for me. TLDR: How do I male one ACS scripting file global across all the maps in my WAD?