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  1. Bone Ward is going smoothly. Besides Biowar MAP13 I'm also using E2M5: Command Center as an inspiration.
  2. It will even use the same music track as that map. Robot Hell will also use a Biowar track, that being the MAP02 theme.
  3. Biowar did something like that for its MAP13. I might base Bone Ward on that map.
  4. I've already volunteered to do MAP22: Habitat. I won't have a problem recreating that map from memory.
  5. My idea for "Robot Hell" is a surrealist map that combines together techbase and hell elements.
  6. If you guys are doing TNT I might already call doing MAP22: Habitat.
  7. That was my methodology with my version of Industrial Zone, which I am calling Manufacturing Zone.
  8. I wonder if you're ever going to do something like this for TNT, Plutonia, and the Master Levels. Also I'm still open to create a new E4M4.
  9. You should edit the OP because MAP15 has now been completed.
  10. MAP15FM.zip This is it. This is my completed MAP15. Right before I finished this map I wanted to ensure that this level can be beaten on Ultra Violence without the use of cheats.
  11. Here's another progress update. I am almost done with MAP15. All I need to do is implement the normal exit.
  12. RileyXY1

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    My nomination for the Espi award is Aleksey Kamenev, also known as 4shockblast. He is a very prolific speedrunner, and has the most demos on the Doom Speed Demos Archive of anyone, with over 2480 demos. He was also the very first person to complete E2M8: Tower of Babel in the UV Pacifist category. However, by far his biggest achievement was when he broke a record that stood for over 20 years when he became the first person ever to get a legitimate run of E1M1: Hangar in eight seconds.