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  1. One of the centerpieces of Bone Ward is a massive room with a Cyberdemon and a crusher, and you can crush the Cyberdemon to death. There's also two Mancubi in a jail cell you can use to whittle down the Cyberdemon's health.
  2. Bone Ward is going smoothly. Besides Biowar MAP13 I'm also using E2M5: Command Center as an inspiration.
  3. It will even use the same music track as that map. Robot Hell will also use a Biowar track, that being the MAP02 theme.
  4. Biowar did something like that for its MAP13. I might base Bone Ward on that map.
  5. I've already volunteered to do MAP22: Habitat. I won't have a problem recreating that map from memory.
  6. My idea for "Robot Hell" is a surrealist map that combines together techbase and hell elements.
  7. If you guys are doing TNT I might already call doing MAP22: Habitat.
  8. That was my methodology with my version of Industrial Zone, which I am calling Manufacturing Zone.
  9. I wonder if you're ever going to do something like this for TNT, Plutonia, and the Master Levels. Also I'm still open to create a new E4M4.
  10. You should edit the OP because MAP15 has now been completed.
  11. MAP15FM.zip This is it. This is my completed MAP15. Right before I finished this map I wanted to ensure that this level can be beaten on Ultra Violence without the use of cheats.
  12. Here's another progress update. I am almost done with MAP15. All I need to do is implement the normal exit.
  13. RileyXY1

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    My nomination for the Espi award is Aleksey Kamenev, also known as 4shockblast. He is a very prolific speedrunner, and has the most demos on the Doom Speed Demos Archive of anyone, with over 2480 demos. He was also the very first person to complete E2M8: Tower of Babel in the UV Pacifist category. However, by far his biggest achievement was when he broke a record that stood for over 20 years when he became the first person ever to get a legitimate run of E1M1: Hangar in eight seconds.
  14. One of my goals with my level is authenticity, as in I both want to slightly resemble the original map and I want to make it look like a level that someone could actually build using the level editing software available in the mid 90s. Oh, and I want this level to be balanced as well.
  15. I have returned, and it's time for me to post my next update for my MAP15:
  16. RileyXY1

    Whats the deal with the "Lost Soul Corpse"?

    Although they changed the Lost Soul, you can still see this look in the final game, as the Invulnerability powerup's face is that of these beta lost souls, and I do think that this is the reason why this redundant thing still exists.
  17. RileyXY1

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    PAX is going to announce a mystery game. I'm expecting it to be a brand new Quake, especially considering the recent out of nowhere rerelease of Quake 1.
  18. Just completed the chaingunner tower and the area behind the red door.
  19. This is my current progress on my MAP15.
  20. RileyXY1

    Things about Doom you just found out

    In fact, any monster that replaces an Arch-Vile in a WAD also inherits its special privileges.
  21. I can create a new E4M4 and E4M5, as the former was completely unfaithful to the original and way too detailed, while the latter is completely broken.