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  1. So a thing about Classic Doom is that you activate switches even if you're not looking at it. For example, in map 01 of Doom 2, there are two switches in a room. One opens up a secret, the other lowers the platforms. If you activate the later, you can still activate the door to get to the secret by standing in front of the door switch and pressing use. Even if it's not there anymore, you still activated it. You can open another secret door by going up an elevator in the same map. However, even if you don't look at it, you still open the door, as long as you're in front of the wall at the bottom. Why these happen is because of Doom's 2D nature. It's like the enemy problem where Cacodemons fly, but you can't get past them from the bottom, or when you couldn't get on top of enemies like Imps and such. However, source ports like ZDoom fixed those issues, so you can now run under flying enemies, and you can run on top of more grounded monsters too. Could those source ports also fix the switch problem?